You Can Now Have Sex with Your iPad, but Will You?

After two years of anticipation, you can finally make love to your iPad.

Mount your tablet with Fleshlight’s LaunchPAD [NSFW], a case that straps on to the brand’s top-selling male sex sleeve. The pairing puts immersive pleasure square in your own hands, letting you enjoy content from a personalized point of view.

The LaunchPAD costs $24.95. And sadly, the haptic feedback.

Of course, there may be potential for spicing up relationships over the net. If partners are already getting busy with digital devices, why not throw in a little something extra to heighten pleasure?

The promo video above highlights how the LaunchPAD can be used in long-distance relationships. In it a couple celebrate their anniversary with gifts and a lead into virtual intercourse.

Fleshlight has been planning to release this iPad case since 2012. Now that it’s been accomplished, we hope they start working on making haptic sex technology useable on tablets and smartphones. Now that will be a development worth waiting for.

Image source: Official Fleshlight