Yiff! Get Your Furry on with New VR Sex Game

Yiffalicious lets you explore your wild side!

Want to growl, howl, or purr with erotic delight as an anthropomorphic animal? Then look no further than the virtual reality sex game, Yiffalicious [NSFW].

Walk on the wild side

Created by Odes, the developer, and Dogson, who handled the modeling side of things, their new game fills a niche that, so far, has been kind of neglected by other VR game developers: the wild and wooly world of furry sexuality.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “furries” are folks who identify with—or are sexually aroused by—animals with human characteristics. Or, to be fair, you could also say human forms with animal features.

Furries have been around a long time, some even tracing them back to prehistoric times when early humans desired to combine the best of themselves with their prey—or even their most fearsome predators.

But furries got a boost in big boost in popularity when funny animal comics hit the stands and animated films arrived in theaters. Considering some of the titillating shenanigans these characters got into—and we’re especially looking at you, Bugs Bunny, what with your drag play and all—it’s not surprising that people began to develop erotic feelings towards the concept.

Howl like the wolf

Oddly, there aren’t many furry games; especially ones that embrace the immersiveness of virtual reality. This is why Yiffalicious comes as such a welcome surprise, bringing us not just a fun, and hot, new game but one with some impressive features.

Using the sophisticated yiff engine, Odes and Dogson have created a perfect furry sandbox where users can put an array of anthropomorphic pre-rendered characters in an impressive array of fully-animated erotic activities.

While they, as yet, do not support user-created characters the game makes up for this by being totally free—though we heartily encourage supporting Odes and Dogson’s via Patron.

Hardware-wise, VR fans will be delighted to know that it’s available to enjoy on both the HTC Vive as well as the Oculus Rift.

Let’s hear it for the Indies

Furry fan

Here’s the thing about making games, erotic or not: they can take an incredible amount of time, effort, and energy to make. Because of this, it’s not surprising that a lot of developers have stuck to the tried-and-true: it being far too risky to experiment with anything but a practically guaranteed bestseller.

Sadly, this is why many big-name titles feel kind of (yawn) the same. The good news is that this innovation gap has been filled by small, independent studios. And by small, we mean as little as one or even two—as in the case of Odes and Dogson with Yiffalicious.

Willing to experiment, being truly passionate about creating the games they want to create, Indie game developers have pushed the limits and, in many cases, given players what they actually want—and shown many big studios what players may actually want in a game.

Furry fan or not, you have to give Odes and Dogson this: they’ve brought us a delightfully hot VR game—and obviously had a blast doing so.

Image sources: YiffaliciousFanPromotions, Julian Hodgson