Yareel Review: A Free Multiplayer Online Sex Game with Potential

This adult virtual world would be fantastic if some problems were worked out.

Yareel is an online sex game for mac and PC

Let’s give credit where credit is due, the developers of Yareel [NSFW] have created a refreshing multiplayer sex game.

It’s like they’ve been taking notes on what many people are saying about the genre, including us: they’re giving us something that’s not just a turn-on but, best of all, fun. At least for the most part.

Supported platforms

Let’s look at the positives before getting to the negatives. One of the biggest upsides is that while many other online sex games are exclusive to PC, Yareel can be played on just about any device, including Android, PC, and even (thank you!) on Mac computers. Also, if you don’t want to download the full app, there’s an option to play using the browser-based platform.

Massively multiplayer online sex world

Yareel boasts that it has more than 13,000 active players. With such a large community of folks searching for online sex partners, it’s relatively simple to find a someone, or someones, for virtual sex.

Free to play—yes, please!

The next plus is that Yareel [NSFW] is free to play, though a few bucks are needed to enjoy the full experience. Very much like an app game, Yareel has various forms of in-game currency: some can be earned through gameplay and others can only be acquired with actual money.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do any real spending to have fun. There are many erotic scenarios you can partake in and explore with other players without spending a dime. However, you will need to part with some cash if you want to enjoy the entire range of sexual positions and customization options for your avatar.

You can even play some of what Yareel has to offer without registering. This is a massive perk as so many other virtual sex games only let you peek at the real action  (if even that) unless you first give up some personal info.

But if you do want the VIP package that offers more perks and choices, it will cost you $29.95 a year. Yet this is only a fraction of the cost to play other massively multiplayer sex games likes 3DXChat [NSFW] or Red Light Center [NSFW], where monthly, not yearly, rates start at $19.99.

A different look, a different feel

Finally, Yareel stays away from the creepiness of the uncanny valley by embracing a more cartoony style. Sure, you can’t extensively customize your character—which is a drawback we’ll get to in a bit—but there are enough options that you can make your avatar feel unique, including a vast array of skin color choices.

Another positive is the unique gameplay mechanic. First, you begin by selecting a male or female character and then your sexual orientation. The game gets which gives the game bonus points for having both queer and bi options.

But instead of being an open-world sim, though there are quite a few ways of communicating with other players, the major aim is to treat virtual sex like, well, a game.

The virtual sex game

From your virtual bedroom, you can ask established friends to join you, use Yareel’s matchmaking system to find online sex partners, roll the dice with quick play, or even get some virtual sex practice with a computer-generated bot avatar.

Once you’ve hooked up with someone (and even many someones as the game allows orgies of up to four people), there are a few ways you can work to “score” in-game points after virtually hooking up with another avatar.

To get to your big finish, you can use text chat, pick from a selection of pre-programmed sex acts and positions, and also control the speed of the action. Do all this well, and please whoever you are playing with, and you get to have a virtual orgasm—as well as win a bunch of game coins.

In addition to the game itself, players can interact via messages and by entering a social area “bar.” Though you can’t do anything except chat with other players in the bar, you can invite them into your own personal Yareel [NSFW] bedroom for some private pleasures.

Loads of potential

The game has a lot of potential: it’s easily accessible on various platforms, it’s pretty much free to play, the art style is simple (a big plus since many other titles are pushing for realism), and its gameplay is refreshingly different.

But, for me playing on a MacBook Air, there were some issues. The first had to do with graphics: for some reason, the game didn’t render correctly unless it was in full-screen mode.

The second is that half the game features either don’t seem to work or, without rhyme or reason, they will work one moment and then not the next. On a PC, the site editor, however, didn’t run into the problems I did.

The last and biggest headache was trying to actually sign up. Downloading the software and installing it? No problem. Running on my machine? Smooth. But whenever I’ve tried to register it took me back to the Yareel [NSFW] site, which automatically told me to download the Mac software.

I tried to use the browser version, just to see if the problems were there as well, but frustratingly it would still take me to the same Apple software download site.

It still could be a hot sex game

Beyond the technical work that needs to be done the game does need some other improvements.

For one, having a variety of body types would be more than welcome—as would the option to have, and interact with, transgendered characters.

Second, the developers need to really hire someone to smooth out their English usage. There’s something about the current build that too often feels like they are trying to say something but it doesn’t quite come out right. This is especially true in the tutorial portion, where it leaves you with more questions than giving answers.

In conclusion, Yareel could be what we’ve been waiting for: a great sex game—that is if the developers can get the bugs worked out.

Image sources: Yareel [NSFW]