Would You Buy a Lara Croft Sex Robot? It May One Day Be Possible

Playing with a video game character could take on a whole new meaning.


Speaking to the Daily Star, Matt McMullen, the CEO of RealDoll—a high-end sex doll manufacturer—said something that has clearly piqued the interest of gamers as well as sexbot enthusiasts.

When asked about the idea of someday creating a RealDoll version of the heroic Lara Croft, McMullen was profuse in his excitement for the idea: “A lot of prepubescent boys grew up playing Tomb Raider and were probably thinking ‘wow I’d really like to meet the real Lara Croft and get to know her,’” he said.

For those who don’t partake in video games, Lara Croft is the pixelated heroine of the Tomb Raider franchise: a legendarily well-endowed adventurer—at least up until her reboot in the form of a prequel where she is much younger, and a lot less busty.

Based on the images accompanying the article, it looks like McMullen’s Lara is one from her more, shall we say, fulfilled years.

And for those who don’t know about high-end love dolls, RealDoll is often seen as the Ferrari of manufacturers. Being fully customizable, with multiple options of body type, gender, head design, hair (with or without), and any shade of skin, RealDoll’s run typically in the neighborhood thousands of dollars.

Clearly, in the business of sexual fantasy, McMullen added, “We do as human beings form these kind of attractions towards characters real or fictional. An underlying fantasy of meeting this character would make such an experience.”

Even though he is cleared excited—to put it mildly—about the idea of a Lara Croft doll, actually receiving permission from Square Enix, her current copyright holder, seems to me a longshot.

Still, he can dream—right along with millions of gamers and a smaller, but equally excited, community of sex doll fans.

Image source: Niranjan