Women of Sex Tech

Women of SexTech Announces Move to Non-Profit

The fully female and femme-identifying board leads the way in making the industry more equitable and inclusive.

Women of Sex Tech

New York City-based group Women of Sex Tech (WoST) announced its shift to non-profit status last month, after exploring ways it could offer more support and value to its members and supporters.

What began in 2015 as an idea to create a community of female entrepreneurs in the sex tech industry facing challenges in a male-dominated field, has turned into a successful sex-positive, inclusive, and equitable organization. It aims to hold space for members to share their resources and expertise, as well as connect like-minded folks across the tech world. 

We had the opportunity to correspond with board president Alison Falk and vice president SX Noir to learn how becoming a non-profit will offer the organization new opportunities to serve its community.

How has the operation of WoST changed since moving in a non-profit direction?

Alison Falk

Alison Falk: We now have an established team of experts in various areas of the sextech spectrum, ranging from sex education to sex work. This gives us more power to focus on making an impact, not only within our private community group, but also within the tech industry itself—which is critical.

In most cases, sextech is not observed as a valid technical field and it’s holding back opportunities for innovation and equity.

SX Noir: We have made radical decisions as far as leadership for active inclusion. We don’t just use buzz words—we are putting them into action.

What are your hopes for the ways in which WoST can benefit from becoming a non-profit?

SX Noir

Alison Falk: Becoming a non-profit has allowed us to build an incredible team of multifaceted folks that are taking on different responsibilities and giving us the opportunity to scale.

As a byproduct, we now have the capacity to create, support, and engage on a whole new level that wasn’t realistic before.

SX Noir: To legitimize an entire industry that needs funding and research. Funding women matters, funding women in tech matters.

Anything else you’d like to share about upcoming events/plans/shout-outs that we can share with the community?

Alison Falk: We are in the process of totally transforming our membership, building a new site, and doing a complete overhaul of our brand. It’s really exciting, and my team and I are looking forward to all the added value we will be able to bring to both our internal community and external supporters who wish to stand by us as we fight for a more equitable industry.

SX Noir: Women of Sex Tech is an organization that is here for the people. We plan to bring you all events that, in true tech fashion, push you to learn more about yourself in relation to sex.

WoST works to bring sexuality and technology to new heights through fostering the entrepreneurial pursuits of femme-identifying folks the world over. Join the community by visiting its website and becoming part of the movement as leaders in sex tech. 

Image sources: Women of SexTech