An oral sex robot from Arlan Robotics seeks funding on Indiegogo.

Will You Support This Oral Sex Robot on Indiegogo?

Fellatio gynoid project hopes to reach the masses with its racy crowdfunding campaign.

An oral sex robot from Arlan Robotics seeks funding on Indiegogo.

The person behind Arlan Robotics is on a mission: to create a sex robot specifically designed to pleasure men orally.

Maybe to say that the developer is on a mission is a bit of an understatement. Arlan Robotics’s Indiegogo campaign page, which has so far generated £6,132  (US$7767.18) of its £12,500 (US$16,122.50) goal, shows the project is as passionate as it is comprehensive about designing and manufacturing the perfect oral suction mechanism.

“The Model 1.0 Service Droid started life as a personal project, created out of curiosity given the complete lack of quality male sex toys on the market,” says on the campaign page. “As an engineer I knew there had to be a creative, affordable solution that would replicate human interaction I just had to put my mind to it.”


A specific bot for a specific task

And putting its mind to it, Arlan Robotics certainly has. Part of his campaign on the benefits of silicone oral sex devices and, especially, on the benefits of a valve suction system

Explaining the latter, the campaign page states: “Constant suction just provides unwanted friction and discomfort and feels completely unnatural like being hooked up to a vacuum cleaner. This ruins any soft delicate sensations provided by the silicone and so this needed to be solved.”

Early backers of the campaign can receive, for £95 (US$122), an early version of one of the three head designs: “The head is usable as a stand-alone product and can function very well when just operated by hand.”

For £295 (US$380) you can receive a full model of the sex toy droid. Though if you are interested, you should act fast as the cost goes up by £100 (US$120) once these are sold out.

A solution and a problem

Unlike many other sex dolls on the market with the possibility of a variety of sexual activities, Arlan Robotics’s droid is mechanically designed for only one thing. Not only that, it’s limited to a fixed hands-and-knees crouching position.

One of the prime—and perhaps deserved—criticisms that could be said about Arlan Robotics’s creation is that, like a lot of sex dolls, it objectifies women: turning them into literally a sexual appliance. The name says it all: a sexual service droid.

There’s also an inherent homophobia in this creation. It’s rather short-sighted not to extend the design to a male version for gay owners or expand its features to cover other sexual activities. To say that this covers a niche market is an understatement.

A challenge to sexbot designers

Yet there is a positive side to the fellatio droid. It’s clear the engineer behind the project is gifted and passionate and could bring much to the world of designing and creating sex bots.

As with other sex doll designers what Arlan Robotics needs to work on, though, is less the specific mechanics of sex and more about creating something that could bring about more than one-sided sexual pleasure; something that fosters the possibility of making gynoids teaching tools to enhance human sexuality and interactions and not just be a mechanical outlet.

Here’s to hoping that there will soon be breakthroughs in sex device design to equal and even surpass engineering accomplishments such as the Arlan Robotics Service Droid.

Image sources: Arlan Robotics, Arlan Robotics on Indiegogo