Will The Sims 4 Sex Mods Boost the Game’s Popularity?

An erotic cornucopia of activities for the newest version of the classic game.


Popular since its first release in 2000, The Sims might reach a whole new level of interest with its latest version, thanks to a sexually explicit option compliments of a dedicated modder.

A sexy revamp

Created by Will Wright, The Sims franchise was envisioned as a virtual dollhouse: a place where the player can house, decorate, clothe, and—to a certain extent—control the actions of the titular Sim characters.

Originally developed by Wright and Maxis, and published by Electronic Arts, the game has evolved and expanded into its current release, The Sims 4, which launched in 2014.

However, this latest version has not received a very high rating from the gaming community. For example, the game met criticism for eliminating the toddler Sim life stage. The developers have said that what was removed was mostly a trade-off to be able to implement other elements, such as giving the Sims a kind of emotional state that’s affected by the environment as well through interactions with other Sim characters.

But the tides could be changes for this virtual world.

The Sims 4 mod called WickedWoohoo [NSFW], created by TURBODRIVER, allows players to do more than just have their Sims burn the pot roast.

The list of what the WickedWoohoo mod allows people is far too long to detail here fully, but some of the highlights include:

  • Starting sex interactions with one or two sims (Teasing, Handjob, Foot job, Oral job, Vaginal, Anal)
  • Changing sex type and position at any point
  • Flashing naked body parts
  • Ability to enable ‘Always Accept’ setting which makes every sim accept every sex proposition

What makes WickedWoohoo particularly interesting is that it is not just a set of explicit animations and de-blurred Sims genitalia, but actually mimics the actual game-play mechanics.

Hot modding

For those unfamiliar with the term, modding refers to a (usually) unauthorized modification of a game.

The modding community in many ways reflects the desires of the gaming community. Elements either neglected by developers or, in the case of this Sims mod, one they never in a million years could have put into the game themselves.

With the mod, players can have their Sims indulge in a wide variety of sexual escapades and, as in the unmodded game, their characters will gain experience and thus unlock even more erotic possibilities.

It’s undeniable that TURBODRIVER is meeting a very real need for at least some fans of The Sims. Evidence of this in his Patreon that’s bringing him around $900 monthly.

Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that Electronic Arts will be making his mod an official part of the game—even though it may very well be what’s needed to revitalize the franchise.

In the meantime, programmers like TURBODRIVER will be out there giving players what they want: sex, and lots of it.

Image Source: Wikipedia