Wendy Williams Q&A: Trans Performer on Camming and Interactive Sex Toys

Veteran adult star embraces change in the digital age.

Trans performer Wendy Williams

We recently spoke with award-winning trans performer Wendy Williams. After nearly two decades in the industry, Wendy shares what it was like being a trailblazer as she began her career and how tech is transforming the adult landscape.

How and when did you get started in the adult industry?

I have been in the Industry since 2002 and still going strong after 17 years. It was back in the AOL days, aging myself, when I met a guy who lived in Florida and I was living in Ohio. We would chat in the AOL chat rooms and finally, we started talking on the phone. At that time I was living only part-time as female.

Actually mostly during late nights doing drag in the local LGBT clubs. Fast forward to him wanting to meet me and I was so nervous to fly with a complete male I.D but as “Wendy.”

Once we met we decided we wanted to see more of each other and I couldn’t afford it, so he said he heard there was a company that shot trans women.

During this time there were only a few Transsexual sites on the net and only a handful of solo Trans models with Independent sites. Now the market is over saturated with it. I took a chance and emailed them and they booked me for the next time I was in Florida to shoot three photo sets for $500, and thus began my interest in it.

When did you start camming and when and why did you decide to bring Internet-connected sex toys into the experience?

I have been grateful and lucky to have a long career but every model needs to find ways to continue to reach a different fan base and always motivate themselves to keep growing their brand. I started over 10 years ago doing some cam with phone on Niteflirt (which I still use this platform for both phone and cam). I am lucky that I am a featured Trans Pornstar on Shemale.com (hope the re-brand the name soon) and I also use Chaturbate NSFW.

As a woman with a penis who still can cum, I make most of my money from being able to offer a happy ending. Setting goals for me to cum, however, because of hormones and age, once I cum sadly the show is over. I was surfing, well watching LOL, some sexy guys camming when I noticed they were using anal toys that vibrated when tipped and it piqued my interest.

I asked about it and it only made sense that since I have a big ass this would be a great way to open up my show with some anal play. Then I could move to the final goal. I have used many toys but found the Lovense Edge has been the best fit for me and my camming.


Can you tell me more about how you use the Lovense Edge to interact with viewers?

The Lovense Edge was easy to set up, affordable, and works well for my cam platform. I like to have one some sexy lingerie and lay on my side with my big Tranny ass all oiled up and talk dirty to the guys so they will tip and see me shake from the vibrations. Usually, I’ll let tippers pick a position and I’ll set a goal in my mind, once I have met that goal I’ll start cock stroking and set my cum goal.

This helps give my viewers some foreplay and of course, I make more money this way and everyone is getting something. I really hate to sit and beg for tips unless I am giving some type of show.

What’s the best thing about using remote sex toys during a cam show? What is the worst thing?

The best thing about using remote sex toys is it gives you another way to play with the viewers and stand out. The worse thing is unrealistic expectations viewers can have about toys and my ass. I wish I was able to take larger toys or higher vibration but that’s just unrealistic for me but camming is a fantasy so you try and explain it without ruining that fantasy.

Being in the adult industry for more than a decade, how have new technologies affected how it operates?

The Adult Industry MUST continue to grow and evolve with technology. Webcam models have become just as big, popular and financially successful than video models so of course webcam models will be guiding those changes.

Companies like Doc Johnson, which I have a partnership with, have been around for decades for a reason and that reason is people in the privacy of their home like to experiment so, of course, those toys have always been on Porn sets and models using them in webcam shows. Speaking of Doc Johnson, though not remote, check out the Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kits.

You mentioned that sometimes viewers have unrealistic expectations about the interactive sex toys. Can you explain, in terms of the technology, the divide between what people are hoping for and what the technology is capable of providing?

It really comes down to the options for the anal toys such as length and flexibility. Currently, there are very few but I think with popularity we will see different sizes and the flexibility of movement for those toys. I would love to see handles and gripes so when our hands are lubed or oiled up we can hold better.

What do you see as the role of remote sex toys in camming in the future? I’m wondering if whether you see them as perhaps just a trend right now or if you expect growth in terms of remote sex devices and camming.

With the popularity of cam models, I could only imagine that companies would continue developing interactive toys for both models and viewers. Though definitely a trend now I don’t expect it to be going anywhere as there are now cam expos and awards specifically for webcam models.

*Conversation edited for length and clarity

Image sources: Wendy Williams, Lovense, DocJohnson.