Vorze with computer

Vorze Cyclone Review: A Force of Sexual Nature

Penis stimulator’s intensity and interactivity will blow you away.

Vorze with computer

All forms of innovation need a baseline. There will inevitably be steps forward and steps back, but there must always be some standard against which new iterations can be judged. This process weeds out the pretenders, establishes contenders, and sets the course for further development.

Sex tech makers are embracing this model in an effort to keep pace—and hopefully surpass—their competitors in an increasingly cutthroat industry. It used to be that you could put a motor in a vibrator and it would sell. Not so anymore! Materials, construction, and design are now paramount considerations in sex toy development. Particularly in the burgeoning market of penis pleasure toys.

Mastering the market

Considering how much spending power men exert in the sexual marketplace, it is surprising that there hasn’t been a greater focus on sex products that stimulate the penis. This could be chalked up to the idea that men have a much easier time satisfying themselves through manual stimulation. Well, just because that may be the case, it doesn’t mean guys can’t hope for more sophisticated sexual pleasures. There’s no more need to hope because that baseline has arrived—the future of male-focussed sex products is here with the Vorze Cyclone [NSFW].

Originating in Japan and now available worldwide for $199.99, the Vorze Cyclone is a powerhouse of a machine that offers seven distinct stimulation patterns and differing speeds felt through an extremely soft and comfortable cyberskin-like sleeve. Another key aspect of the Vorze Cyclone is that it is very quiet—the most discreet sex toy I’ve ever experienced. This toy offers so much that users can just place it on their penis and enjoy the sensations. No further movement is necessary. These are the basic features of the device, but where it excels is in how it realizes and succeeds at the three most sought-after features men have hoped for in sex product technology: superior quality, increased sensation, and interactivity.

Formidable form


The Vorze Cyclone is one of the most elegantly designed male-focussed sex products on the market today. The exterior is simple and sleek, offering a significant level of discretion if you choose to leave it out on your bedside table. It is fairly large and a little heavy, but when you feel the many sensations it offers, you realize that size is necessary to host all of that horsepower.

The sleeve (of which there are many different styles), neatly clamps inside a casing that is then inserted into the device. The easy removal is great for cleaning up; however, my one problem with the whole Vorze system is this casing. I found that if you move the toy too much, the casing can loosen, throwing the rotation off-balance and requiring the user to stop and adjust it. Adding a piece of scotch tape to each side of the seams of the casing solves this problem. Other than this one issue, the Vorze Cyclone’s construction is of the highest quality and should stand up to years of pleasure.

Packing power

And this is an important factor because the Vorze Cyclone offers the most varied array of sexual sensation of male pleasure products on the market today. You can lounge with soft and subtle sensation, enjoying various rotation and vibration patterns. Or maybe you crave an intense thrill ride by turning the speed up as high as it goes and then trying to hold on for as long as you can. And of course, there’s everything in between. The Vorze Cyclone offers so many different settings and variations that users have the opportunity to try something new every time they use it. It will be a favorite male sex sleeve for years to come.

The great quality and significant pleasure offers are amazing features of the Vorze Cyclone, however, I have actually saved the most impressive feature for last. There is a big push to make sex products that interact with adult entertainment. For many men, the ability to feel along with their favorite sexy film is an ultimate thrill. The performers they see on screen are the epitome of sexual desire and have always remained just out of reach.

Intense interactivity

With the Vorze Cyclone, that distance has greatly lessened. In fact, this device provides the closest connection currently possible in interactive adult products. Something that can make or break interactive sex products is the ease with which users can connect to their toys to their videos. Oftentimes this can be a bit of a challenge, but it is extremely easy to connect the Cyclone with the Vorze video player. The USB dongle and the device find each other instantly and immediately connect to the action on the screen. No waiting, no delay.

Vorze settings

That action that is then transmitted is the truly defining feature of the Vorze Cyclone. Because the device features so many different speeds and vibration patterns, the masters behind the Vorze video clips are able to program very intricate sensations to match the action on the screen.

There is where the Vorze sets itself apart. As the acts on the screen speed up, the toy speeds up. As the performer moves up and down on a penis, whether with hands, oral sex, or intercourse, different signals are transmitted to the Cyclone and interpreted in very pleasurable ways. To maintain the verisimilitude, the toy will also stop when the performers stop. These little details put the Vorze Cyclone and its video technology at the top of the pack of current interactive sex products.

The perfect storm

There is so much potential with the Vorze suite of products. The programming and design behind the Cyclone are so strong that is seems it can only improve. Enjoying seven patterns is great…imagine ten distinct sensations. Imagine the speed being amped even further. Imagine a library of video clips that feature your favorite acts and performers. The Vorze Cyclone is the clear baseline of male pleasure products that all other will be judged against. We may find, however, that its greatest future competition comes only from future iterations of itself.

*I was provided these products free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Image sources: Vorze Interactive [NSFW], Jon Pressick