Interactive smart sex toys from Vitafun.

Vitafun Launches Indiegogo Campaign for His and Her Interactive Sex Toys

New high-tech erotic devices for both sexes.

Interactive smart sex toys from Vitafun.

The teledildonics revolution continues with the announcement of a new crowdfunding project from Vitafun, a Hong Kong-based adult toy design firm.

One for him, one for her

The Aris (for men) and the Ishtar (for women) are a pair of digitally networked pump-style sex toys packed with some pretty interesting—and interactive—features.

The male sex sleeve Aris, for example, sports a ultra-soft silicone interior that Vitafun says creates an extremely realistic feeling for the user. The unit can be used with its powerful step motor, with seven levels of intensity, or can be used by hand.

For women, the Ishtar dildo pumps as well as pulsates and can be temperature adjusted. The inner workings handle a maximum thrust of 60mm and speed of 300RPMs. The Ishtar is also equipped with a unit at the base for clitoral stimulation. Like its male counterpart, it can also be easily cleaned.

Both are also wireless, meaning users won’t have cables and cords getting in the way. With 2900mAh lithium batteries, each takes about three hours to recharge for an hour of continuous (wheeee) use.

Sharing the fun

The units are also networkable: users being able to use Vitafun’s free app to connect to the Aris and Ishtar in real time for shared play—or record or playback personalized sequences. Each also features a manual control knob so folks won’t have to fumble with their phones when they are really getting into it.

Vitafun also says users will also be able to record sequences and upload them—either publically or privately—for other Aris and Ishtar users, adding an extremely intimate dynamic to social media.

For those who might want to mix their digital fun with some human one-on-one, or just like the idea of being sexually connected with someone not all the way across the planet, Vitafun has a location-based component to its app. So users can find and hook up with people close by.

No teledildonic project can be complete without VR support, so Vitafun has that covered. According to the company, eventually both units will support Vitafun’s own smartphone-based virtual reality system and their specially created—and free—interactive videos.

“Quality materials with advanced technology”

Vincent Lee, Vitafun’s founder and CEO, said in a press release, “…our top focus has always been the experience we were creating for users, making it as realistic and unique as possible.”

“We are combining high-quality materials with advanced technology to offer users features such as motion recording, community involvement, and virtual reality to create a truly interactive experience,” he added

His and hers, and hers and hers, and his and his

Vitafun has also scored some points by making its products sexually inclusive: campaign materials note that the male Aris and female Ishtar can be used solo, by straight couples, by queer couples, or any combination or variation imaginable.

The crowdfunding goal

At present, Vitafun’s Indiegogo campaign goal of $50,000 stands at 39% ($19,636)—which would be cause for concern except for the fact that it only launched a few days ago, on Tuesday, August 9. It’s clear that it funding will more than likely be complete long before the early September deadline.

Early bird pricing for each device is $199, but you can snag both for $268 (not including shipping), with a planned delivery date of January 2017. The company says the full retail price for each sex toy will be $500.

Image source: Vitafun