Virtual Orgies

Virtual Orgies Are Now In Vogue, But Their History Goes Back Decades

Sex clubs and group sex parties head online during social isolation.

Virtual Orgies

Say what you want about us humans, but when faced with a crisis we often come up with imaginative ways to deal. This is especially true when it comes to satisfying our erotic urges during self-isolation.

Virtual orgies are “all the rage” in our post-COVID-19 world. As sex clubs and orgy enthusiasts are forced to cancel in-person meetups, they’re embracing technology and entering into the exciting wonderland of online group sex parties.

A brief history of online orgies

To be fair, the history of virtual orgies stretches back decades. Cybersex researcher Dr. Trudy Barber coined the term MOHOO—massively open haptic online orgies—in the early ’90s and is credited with developing one of the first virtual reality sex environments while still an undergrad.

“Back when I started people thought I was crazy, talking about how we were going to get intimate with each other and lose ourselves within those virtual worlds. Now it’s becoming mainstream,” Barber told Future of Sex in 2016.

Fast-forward to 2020 quarantines

When Shay and Ross founded Playscapes, their New York City-based sex club, they had no idea that in 2020 a pandemic would shutter their doors.

This was particularly disappointing as the couple had planned a special party for Shay’s 27th birthday. Undeterred, however, they took inspiration from the growing use of video conferencing services and instead moved the celebration online.

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To help keep things spicy, guests logging into the event were encouraged to dress in their finest erotic attire. The online orgy revved itself up beginning with a series of erotic performances at 10:30 pm. 

From then every 15 minutes or so virtual attendees were treated to demonstrations of hot wax play, pole dancing, burlesque acts, and lots more. In a nice little touch, instead of charging admission, the guests instead were asked to tip the performers.

Soon the video conferencing system was wildly popping with guests engaging in all kinds of sexual activities, either with their partner, partners or by themselves: feeling, being seen, and clearly all having a great time.

More than that, though, it was a special opportunity for the members of a group that, having to be quarantined, has been hit particularly hard. 

As Shay told Men’s Health: 

When you’re sex-positive or polyamorous and part of a larger community, there’s a disconnect [while self-isolating] from your partners that feels daunting.

Another approach to online group sex

online group sex

Across the pond, the Killing Kittens sex club in London had its own take on the online group sex party. Using the popular video conference system Zoom, it held a virtual event that similarly featured burlesque and other erotic performers. It also offered guests the opportunity to share their own erotic activities. 

Emma Sayle, the founder of the club, spoke to Insider about the event, saying, 

It’s a two-hour virtual house party. Obviously, there’s not an actual orgy in place, but it’s adult, there will be a lot of nakedness and lingerie on display and people challenging each other to do certain things with each other.

Unlike what Shay and Ross did, couples attending Sayle’s online house party were charged £250. Attendees were limited to seeing 55 other people and all the microphones were muted, meaning they could only communicate via moderated text chat.

Many more coming soon?

after quarantine periods end

Sayle added that if this initial party went well then it could become a regular event, and not just in London: 

If it works, we’ll just do it as a regular thing weekly with different themes in different cities.

We’re waiting to see if virtual orgies do become more widespread and commonplace, especially after quarantine periods end.  

However, as the technology is readily available and relatively easy to manage, there’s no reason not to think they won’t be. That being said, it’s not always easy to find comprehensive stats related to sex since many people guard their sexual privacy. 

It is still worth considering what other forms of online group sex could soon be coming to your own home hardware.

In fact, more than a few of them are already here. 3DXChat [NSFW], for instance, is an excellent multiplayer sex game that gives its users all kinds of opportunities to erotically interact with one through avatars.

The 3D sex world is also offering an impressive 50% discount to support people at home during the pandemic. 

It’s also worth mentioning that 3DXChat integrates with the VStroker Fleshlight, an interactive stroker that responds to the action in the game. It also supports virtual reality for more immersive online sexual experiences.

Sex tech and online group sex

Mentioning the VStroker Fleshlight brings up still another take on the idea of virtual orgies: the integration of video conferencing and Internet-of-Things enabled sexual devices.

Bluetooth-enabled sex toys we’ve covered can connect wirelessly to other sex toys for long-distance sex with partners miles away. Some of them, as we mentioned above, can even synch to the action multiplayer sex games, adult videos, as well as live cam models.

Imagine this: take the video conference approach to virtual orgies like Playscapes and Killing Kittens have done but now factor in people offering to link their toys—like those from OhMiBod, LELO, and so many others—with those belonging to other attendees.

By putting the access codes to toys out there it would be like giving consent for sexual contact at a flesh-and-blood sex party.

And don’t forget another of our favorite forms of sex tech: virtual reality. 

Looking at dozens and dozens of little screens, each one of a different person or couple at an online sex party is one thing but think of what the same thing might be like with the immersive power of VR. 

We have all these cool little pieces of technology—such as video conferencing, multiplayer games, interactive sex toys, and even sex dolls and even chatbots—are it’s starting to become more popular to put them all together to create online group sex experiences.

So who knows where this all might go, maybe even in a very short time, driven by those in social isolation craving more and more contact with other people. Particularly in an erotic manner.

After all, technology can be driven by a great many things, from military conflict, economics, and even challenging situations like pandemics. But never forget that another huge motivator for innovation has always been in the oldest, and one of the most powerful of human drives: sex!

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