Woman lies on a  bed wearing headphones behind a purple Vibeae panty vibe.

Vibease Review: Panty Vibe Gives Aural Pleasure to Long-Distance Lovers

Sex toy synchs to erotic audio and lets couples experiment.

Woman lies on a  bed wearing headphones behind a purple Vibeae panty vibe.

Since 2015, I’ve been a fan of sex tech company Vibease for its focus on female pleasure and clitoral stimulation.

That’s when I first spoke to founder Dema Tio. I was impressed by his knowledge of several studies on female sexuality and that his inspiration for Vibease came from being in a long-distance relationship.

At that time, as I recall, OhMiBod was the only other sex tech company that stuck out for its products and marketing for women and couples.

Today there are more options. But back then I was bored by the phallic sex toys in the teledildonics space, many of which were designed first with male pleasure in mind.

So I was thrilled when earlier this year the folks at Vibease sent me their flagship panty vibe in exchange for an honest review. (Note: This article contains affiliate links, meaning Future of Sex may receive a small commission if you buy a Vibease product.)

Let’s get reviewing!

The Vibease smart vibrator comes in both pink and purple and costs $99. Its package comes with a black satin pouch, a USB charger, instructions, and of course the device itself. I received the pink version of the panty vibe.

Made of body-safe silicone, the Vibease feels smooth and high-quality. At just over 3-inches long and 1.5-inches wide, it slips easily into your underwear.

It’s designed with a curved nub that’s meant to rest down on the clitoris, allowing easy access to the control buttons located on the other end. The Vibease is also waterproof and super light, weighing just 2 ounces.

A Vibease spokesperson says users can take the panty vibe in the shower (Editor’s note: you could try it out while wearing bathing suit bottoms). But the smart massager isn’t meant to be submerged in water. Still, it can be safely cleaned under running water without getting damaged.

The Vibease app

You don’t need to download the Vibease app, available both on iOS and Android, to use with the device since control buttons are right on it.

But the app is what brings the Bluetooth sex toy to a whole new level, offering several enjoyable options for solo or long-distance fun. The unboxing video below also gives step-by-step visual instructions on connecting your device to the Vibease app.

Pairing the device wasn’t difficult. The instructions say you need to hold down the power button for five seconds until a solid blue light appears before it connects with the app.

Personally, I found I needed to hold down the power button until it vibrated and the app notified me my Vibease was successfully paired. If you run into issues yourself, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and the device is powered off, yet fully charged, before trying again.

Solo fantasy time

The app’s “Quick Play” feature allows you to touch different parts of your smartphone’s screen to change the strength and speed of the vibration settings.

You can create and save your own patterns, choose from existing ones, and get mindful and really explore different sensation options to find which work best for you.

The Vibease app also includes a store that sells erotic audio stories, as well as several free and sexy downloads. These aural delights synch to the panty vibe, causing it to vibrate along with the unfolding action.

If your lover is good at sexy talk, you can even get them to record custom audio stories and then choose when and how your Vibease will respond at different times.

This could be an exciting way to feel intimate with your long-distance partner, particularly if you are in opposite time zones or have conflicting schedules.

Long-distance lovin’

Beyond the solo and custom play features above, the Vibease app offers other wonderful options for couples to experiment and share intimacy while they’re far apart.

You can invite your partner to control your Vibease by joining a chat room that allows both text messaging and video calls. Testing this feature, it was simple to get another user to join my room and control my device.

If you are concerned about security, there is also the option that your Vibease chat partner to input a passcode before entering and operating your device. Or if you’re OK with it, you can enable automatic approval on your partner’s phone.

The final word

If you enjoy clitoral stimulation and want a high-quality app-controlled sex toy, I certainly recommend the Vibease panty vibe. It is reasonably priced for what it offers and I found the app simple to navigate and use.

It lasts up to 3 hours after one hour of charging and is relatively quiet and discreet. I’m also impressed by how one app offers so many options for solo and partnered play.

That being said, if you prefer super powerful vibrations normally provided from say a wand device, this sex toy may not be your first choice. Compared to other panty vibes, Vibease does hold its own in terms of intensity, as similar wearable vibrators generally offer lighter sensations.

But the Vibease wasn’t designed to deliver super intense vibrations. Along with the focus on erotic audio and intimacy, the device and app seduce users with delightful pacing and by catering to fantasy, foreplay, and female desire.

Image sources: Vibease