These Are Your Responses to Coining a Replacement for ‘Sex Toys’

Which new term might help give the sex tech industry the respect it deserves?

A short time ago we asked you, dear readers, if you had any suggestions for a better term to replace “sex toys.”

We were prompted to do so after receiving a thought-provoking tweet from sex tech entrepreneur and MakeLoveNotPorn [NSFW] founder Cindy Gallop earlier this year. We had tweeted out an article bemoaning the lack of gender diversity in the design and marketing of sex toys.

Unimpressed with our choice of words, Gallop said the sex tech industry isn’t taken seriously and part of the problem is the “toy” in “sex toy.” It trivializes the technology, she later added.

Gallop has a point. The sex tech industry often isn’t taken seriously. Venture capitalists don’t invest in startups. The stigma associated with sex also keeps talented people from taking jobs in the field. So the industry struggles to make due with a shortage of financial and intellectual resources.

But will ditching the term “sex toys” really make a difference? Some of you shared your thoughts and proposed replacements with us on Twitter.

First, let’s give the sex tech industry a round of applause for how far it’s come. We have dropped retrograde and clinical phrases from popular vocabulary.

Then we received some creative ideas:

(Not bad.)

Shortened to AAAA? Sounds like a battery or a car-towing service.

Folks also seem to enjoy including the word “pleasure” in their proposed phrases, which isn’t surprising since “pleasure products” has gained traction on some adult retail sites.

Others said we should keep using “sex toys,” including a commenter who liked the term because it links to the idea of sex being fun.

Gallop herself said her team at AllTheSky Holdings will unveil a new category term “when the time is right.”

In the meantime, she’s chimed in with her own idea. I’m not sure whether she’s pleasantly trolling us with her simple and appropriate suggestion or if we’ve been seriously overthinking this whole thing.

What are your thoughts? Is “pleasure products” the way to go? Should we just say “sex tech”? Has Jenna taken this conversation way too far? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. 

Image sources: Twitter, geralt