Stamina Training Package

The Vstroker Review: Grasping for Sensual Stimulation

Immersive technology brings onscreen fun to your fingertips.

Stamina Training Package

Quality sex devices, specifically for penis pleasure, have been lagging far behind other products for years. The pervading belief has been that men can achieve a sexual thrill from adult films and their own manipulation.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to review the Vstroker [NSFW] with a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) [NSFW], I typed out an enthusiastic YES. My old Fleshlight STU had long since bitten the dust, and the chance to combine that level of pleasure with interactive adult content seemed a great way to combat a cold North American winter.

The Vstroker is an intriguing interactive attachment used with the ultra-successful male sex sleeve Fleshlight. The transmission device, the Vstroker, consists of a cap and USB dongle. The cap screws onto the end of the popular personal sex device, the Fleshlight, and then sends a signal to specially created adult film clips. But they aren’t just any clips. Several feature some of the most recognizable performers in the industry.

That signal then controls specific actions on the screen. If you’ve ever wanted to be in pleasure pictures without, you know, getting naked and having sex in front of cameras and a crew, the Vstroker offers the next best thing.

Partnered pleasure

I was, however, a bit surprised upon opening the package as I anticipated something different from Fleshlight. Nope, I was given the same Stamina Training Unit—their standard model—I received years ago. However, by no means is this a problem. The STU is still the most complete and satisfying personal sex device I have ever owned. It really can help you learn to last longer and also feel amazing at the same time.

The Fleshlight comes closer to simulating sex with another person more than any product I’ve experienced. The patented soft and supple “flesh,” when warmed in water and combined with lube, is instantly pleasurable. And this is despite my having never been a fan of the look of my Fleshlight. The faux vulva gave me a bad initial impression, but this is a clear instance of function over form. I got past my distaste for the look soon after trying it out. So, I’m not surprised there has been no change to the STU—it does not need any. But adding to it is a great idea.

The Vstroker lets your interact with your favorite adult actresses,

From there, you’ll need to do some downloading and installing. A USB dongle plugged into your computer receives the Vstroker signal. To make that signal work, you need an up-to-date version of Adobe Air. This is a quick and easy install. Once that is all set, you must then download specific erotic video that will interact with the Vstroker. Sorry, no streaming or picking just any adult content from the net—it needs to be preprogrammed by the folks behind the device. Hopefully, you’ve got a good connection and decent computer to collect these files because they aren’t small. So when you spot one you think you’ll enjoy, be ready to wait a bit. Call it a tease.In terms of initial use, the Vstroker takes a little work, but once you are set up, you will be good to enjoy a growing roster of content. You start with the unit that screws into the back end of your Fleshlight. Fans of the personal sex device know you need to be able to control the suction with the screw cap, and happily, that is not affected by adding the Vstroker. You can give yourself as much or as little suction as you like.

Choice of clips

The clips themselves come in two types: some are standard sex scenes with controllable action while others are kind of like games with achievements to be had—or lost. Both types of clips feature specific, sometimes high-name value performers. If you are particularly attached to a certain performer and dream of interacting with them, you just might find your fantasy here.

Vstroker and Fleshlight resting on laptop keyboard

After experiencing both clip formats, my preference lies with the controllable action scenes. On screen, you will see a control panel that indicates which particular moments can be controlled by your thrusting motions with the Vstroker-enhanced Fleshlight.

As you move the sex device, the female performer follows suit at the speed of your choice. You can also control the sensitivity of your motions. So, in an oral sex scene, she will fellate the male performer’s penis howsoever you desire. The stamina training aspect comes into play here, allowing you to speed up or slow down the content according to your level of excitement. Are there POV clips, too, that make it look like you are the man in the scene?

Do you crave fast and hard or slow and sensual? These clips feature a number of different scenarios to enjoy and feel much more like you’re involved in the action, interacting with the performers. Make no mistake that what you’re controlling is revolutionary—it isn’t yet. You’re moving a clip’s speed to your liking and that is intriguing, but I immediately wanted more capabilities. However, the seeds of a great thing have been planted.

The performers aren’t isolated from the rest of the action to the speed you want. Imagine playing a YouTube clip at only 0.5 speed—that is the effect you’ll see. We’re not at Inception levels of adult video technology just yet and you are not guiding or controlling specific bodily actions. But it is an intriguing concept with lots of room to grow.

On the other hand, the gamified clips present a challenge. During the course of watching a scene, you will be instructed to start pleasuring yourself, and you must keep a tempo also prescribed by an extra character in the corner of the screen.

Fleshlight and Vstroker

If you match your strokes properly, you’ll be rewarded with continued adult content. If you don’t, the clip ends and you have to try again. This type of interaction is great and well crafted—if you have a penchant for being dominated. Do well or be denied. However, if that isn’t your thing, you may experience a significant sense of frustration with all of the start/stop/start over instances.

I enjoyed the controllable action clips because they felt much more immersive. At first it was novel, but during further use I did find myself adjusting the scenes tempo to match what I wanted and needed in the moment. The forced achievement clips did more to hinder my experience than enhance it.

A nice touch to both versions of clips is the ability to instantly proceed to the orgasm scene, so that you too can climax at the same time the male performer does. For many men, this will be a key feature.

Libidinous limitations

At this time, the clips offer a fairly limited array of performers, in terms of body sizes, shapes, styles, and ethnicities, but I think the selection will grow significantly, in short order. It is also, specifically, a heterosexual platform, but does have great potential in offering gay content. Men who are questioning or exploring their sexuality could derive extreme satisfaction if the Vstroker catalog starts providing man-on-man content.

Ultimately, the Vstroker is a fun addition to an already highly pleasurable sex device. It isn’t going to blow you away in terms of futuristic technology, but it will surprise you. And if you are someone who has dreamed of being with an adult entertainer, here’s, potentially, your best chance.

*I was provided these products free of charge by Vstroker and Fleshlight for an honest review. This review includes affiliate links.

Image sources: Vstroker [NSFW], Jon Pressick