The Launch

The Fleshlight Launch Review: Are You Ready for Liftoff?

Two sex tech companies join forces to create the ultimate interactive stroker.

The Launch

It is rare that a sex product lives up to the hype that surrounds it—particularly devices used to stimulate penises. For years, pleasure-product creators focused more on clitoral, vulval, and vaginal stimulators, and rightly so. That market has been sorely under-represented in terms of sexual wellness.

However, penis pleasure is now ready to explode! We now have a better understanding that folks are craving more than the manual treatment of Luscious Lefty or Raunchy Righty.

As new technology rolls out, including more sophisticated electronics, stronger motors and life-like materials, the opportunity to deploy a new sex toy that could revolutionize the market was ripe. It just takes one bold company to step forward to lead the charge.

Make that two companies.

Connecting on connectivity

The Launch

The Launch could not have happened without the collaborative effort of two dominant sex tech manufacturers: Kiiroo and Fleshlight [NSFW].

This partnership’s love child, an interactive device that delivers out-of-this-world gratification, is a testament to the power of harnessing an opportunity and creating a mutually beneficial relationship in order to give something new to consumers. Kiiroo brought the tech, Fleshlight brought the sleeve, and together they created the most significant penis-pleasure product that has ever been released.

Taking the throttle

The Launch is a beast. Combining an expansive repertoire of functionality with sheer, brute power, this product will impress even the most skeptical user. For years, penis strokers and stimulation devices were sub-standard, offering poor quality, unpleasant materials, and all-too-frequently a laughable design. But now a game-changer has arrived. The bar is now set high with the release of the Launch.

The power behind the Launch comes from the space-age looking cylinder of awesome. It is a large device and somewhat unwieldy when you first encounter it. However, once you roll it around in your hands a couple times, you see that it is nicely designed for maximum erotic ergodynamics.

Next you add the Fleshlight to the cylinder by simply sliding it in and securing it with a turn and click: you are ready to go. The Launch works with all Fleshlight casings, but you can vary the sleeves according to your own taste.

In terms of functionality, the interactive stroker is quite simple and intuitive. There are sliders that both increase the speed of the stroking motion as well as the depth. The speed part, I anticipated. And wow, can it ever go fast.

Have water-based lube on standby, because you’re going to need it! Be prepared to re-apply frequently. The depth control though, that was a surprise—and it is a brilliant addition. For those who do enjoy penis stimulation, you are probably familiar with how changing the length of stroke can significantly increase pleasure, as well as delay orgasm. An outstanding addition.

Now, that is just manual mode—and just the beginning.

Blast off in cruise control

The Launch

Where the Launch really shines is in its connectivity features—particularly to adult entertainment. Other devices offer users limited functionality when it comes to experiencing the pleasures portrayed on the screen. Kiiroo’s own Onyx is good at this. But the Launch is better…so much better.

It is a true marvel watching the Launch in action for the first time. When users connect the device to adult videos via the FeelConnect app it is like you’ve turned on some magic hydraulic switch. Because the toy features both stroke depth and speed options, it is, hands down, the most immersive product currently on the market. It can most accurately mimic the motions and actions of performers so the user can just sit back and enjoy both the visual and physical.

And it isn’t just limited to standard skin flicks. The Launch can connect to virtual reality offerings, cam performer chats, adult games, and other FeelConnect-enabled sex toys via a video messaging platform.

If that sounds like too much tech setup for a pleasure product, rest assured that it is quite intuitive for intermediate users who have a sense of sex tech products. Beginners might need a little handholding, but once you are in, connecting and reconnecting is quite easy.

The next mission?

At this point, there are only two significant obstacles that could keep the Launch out of reach for some users: price and size.

First, this toy is a true investment in pleasure. If you don’t already have a Fleshlight, the combo price is $329.95. This may be prohibitive to some, but if you can afford that price, it is absolutely worth it. Of course, if you already own a Fleshlight, you will see significant savings.

Second, the Launch is a big toy. Really, it has to be, given that it houses a Fleshlight (no small device in itself). When the two pieces come together, it is also somewhat heavy. And while the Launch is stylish and smooth in its near egg shape, it can be a little hard to hold—especially if you like the power settings and your hands have lube all over them.

This will also pose a challenge for users who have dexterity concerns. The Launch could be a fantastic device for folks who are disabled, but not if they cannot hold them. Perhaps handles of some sort could make it more accessible? I tried to keep a hold of it at the very top, but the sliding Fleshlight kept hitting my fingers on the deep strokes.

There is another issue with the Launch that you may read about online and that I actually experienced. After only a couple charges, the USB port broke and fell inside the device. This is a serious concern given the price of the unit. If this were a widespread issue, I’d take all of my complimentary words back because this is a deal-breaker concern.

So I reached out to Kiiroo and dug in a bit more. They acknowledged the issue and said it has been fixed for the latest releases. They also reminded me that the Launch does have a one-year warranty. Their candid response gave me a good feeling that the Launch that you buy now is going to be of top quality.

Ultimately, I think these concerns are temporary. If consumer desire is there, the price of the Launch will come down. I also envision two forward-thinking companies will be able to address the handling concerns. The Launch is too good to be hampered by these issues.

Who knew it would take two coming together to make one device that’s so right?

Image source: Jon Pressick