The Dreamy Desire Review: We-Vibe, Touch and More

One We-Vibe product is great. The Dreamy Desire Collection is luxury combined.


Our relationship with pleasure products has certainly come a long way. It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of using a sex toy involved making a trip to a seedy little shop in a bad part of town. There you’d pick a sub-par device that was probably grotesque looking, poorly constructed, loud enough to wake the entire block, and possibly even gave off a questionable odor. But that was what was on offer and if you wanted alternate means of sexual satisfaction, well, you had to make due. Those were the Dark Ages of sex toys.

Now, with the hyperspeed rate of technological advancement and consumer awareness, sex products have become state of the art, body safe, and a helluva lot more attractive than back in the day. This turnaround in both philosophy and quality has permeated throughout the adult pleasure industry, but it took some leaders to get this shift started—a few touchstone products to set the bar higher.

Enter We-Vibe.

Setting the standard

Ever since the first We-Vibe was introduced by Canadian company Standard Innovation Corporation, it has been a benchmark product that has changed the face of pleasure for many people. It is the most successful and best-selling couples toy on the market and competitors have been trying to catch up to its tech and quality ever since. Over the years the classic We-Vibe has been complemented by the Touch, a rechargeable base, lube, a remote, and more to provide a robust line of sexual enhancement toys.

This year, Standard Innovation Corporation is offering a combination package, the Dreamy Desire Collection. It showcases the company’s commitment to both intimate physical connection as well as teledildonics—for when you and your partner are in different places.

The spotlight


The two main components of Dreamy Desire are limited editions of both the We-Vibe 4 Plus and the Touch. We-Vibe 4 Plus is the marquee toy in the pack and it is easy to see and feel why. Soft and pleasant looking, it is a good update that features strong, quiet vibrations.The We-Vibe is also an extremely versatile product. It is specifically designed to maximize female pleasure, with sensations reaching both the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. And these dual sensations can be achieved together with a partner as well as on your own during masturbation.

That said, the idea of “together” is definitely changing in these times of rapid technological progress. The first twist comes through We-Vibe’s ability to be controlled via remote. Either partner can increase the speed or change vibration pattern without having to fiddle around with a small toy in a tight spot. Be warned, though: the remote is small. If you’re playing in bed, it is very easy to misplace among sheets and blankets.

Sexy connection

But really, a remote is so old school. We-Vibe has jumped on the sex tech train that is speeding down the track with its own app We-Connect—an easy to use, but sophisticated addition that allows people to stay sexually connected, even when they are apart. Just as with the We-Vibe itself, Standard Innovation has created a great product with We-Connect. Once you get synced via Bluetooth the app can control vibration speed, pattern, and be stopped and started at will. It is actually really fun to play with, even apart from the sexytimes happening!

A new innovation


Now, while the We-Vibe is certainly the crown jewel of the Dreamy Desire package, the Touch should not be underestimated. The Touch is a small but powerful vibe that finally embraces the actual shape of a woman’s body. While I cannot speak to traditional vibrators and vulva, they have always seemed awkward—both to hold and in how they seem to be interacting with the clitoris.

On the other hand, the Touch seems much more ergonomically and anatomically helpful in helping women enjoy sensation and orgasm. Fortunately, my partner was interested in helping and testing and verified this thought. It was a very satisfying experience when she used it on herself and when I held it to her.

Super when slippery

One important note about using the We-Vibe: you have to use a significant amount of water-based lube to enjoy the toy. Both internally and externally. We have long enjoyed We-Vibes and are aware of this, but even a couple veterans didn’t prepare quite enough. She found the clitoral stimulator rubbing uncomfortably while I could feel the interior portion rubbing uncomfortably against the corona of my penis. Fortunately, Standard Innovation understands this need and includes a bottle of We-Vibe lube (created by pjur). Adding the lube helped our situation immensely.

The Dreamy Desire Collection is truly a premium pleasure package. From Day One, the We-Vibe has been a true groundbreaker—and with each new product Standard Innovation Corporation continues to excel.

*I was provided the products in exchange for an honest review. This review includes affiliate links.

Image sources: Jon Pressick