The Cowgirl: Kiiroo and COTR Saddle Up for Release of Interactive Riding-Style Sex Machine

Take a hot ride on the wave of tip-controlled teledildonics. 


Teledildonics powerhouse Kiiroo continues to expand its technological reach by announcing a partnership with COTR, makers of the soon-to-be-released Cowgirl sex saddle. This riding-style sex machine combines remote and interactive sex features for kinky, long-distance pleasure.

How it works

The Cowgirl builds on the popularity of the well-loved woman-on-top sex position to provide her with ultimate control and stimulation. Much like the renowned Sybian, this device offers multiple settings of intensity, including six vibration settings and 360-degree swivel rotation. To ensure optimal comfort and pleasure, the saddle-style seat also offers comfortable padding and silicone bumpers to make it slip proof. The user can hold the corded LED remote like a reign and guide themselves to pleasure.

But what sets the Cowgirl apart are its interactive features. The Kiiroo team was brought into the project to provide its acclaimed long-distance and media connectivity. “The Cowgirl isn’t only perfect for solo play but is also the ideal for couples that want to be intimately connected even with thousands of miles in between them,” said COTR founder and Managing Director Alicia Sinclair in a press release.

CONTROL FREAK APPROVED Total control is in your hands with an easy to grip, mutli-function LED remote with 10’ (3 m) cord or simple to use smartphone app for total cordless control on your smartphone up to 30’ (10 m) away.

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Much like with the Onyx  and Pearl pairing, lovers can continue to play with each other via these remote sex toys—and they can now include the Cowgirl in their sessions—to a limited degree. The previous toys can control the Cowgirl, but the interactivity does not flow in the other direction. However, the Cowgirl does connect to adult films, offering vibration and sensation that corresponds to the action on screen.

The interactive feature is also key to this Kiiroo/Cowgirl coupling. Hoping to make strides with the cam performer market, customers can connect with the model using the FeelConnect/FeelPerformer app (or in browser) and offer payment to then control the vibrations and power of the Cowgirl. This tipping feature is a simple and instantaneous transaction through the app to maximize the personal moment being shared. As mentioned earlier, the intimacy of the experience can be increased if the customer has an Onyx or Pearl.

The Kiiroo/COTR collaboration and release of tip-connected tech could cause ripples across the industry. While Lovense was recently granted a patent for a tip-controlled sex toy system, Kiiroo communications manager Ashton Egner told Future of Sex that its system is not related to Lovense’s.

Yet with numerous notable releases, the Kiiroo is asserting itself as a strong market presence. How the Cowgirl performs, both for consumers and performers could greatly influence this position.

According to a Sinclair from COTR, the Cowgirl will be released in January 2018 and will cost about $2,0000. However, COTR is offering discounts to established cam models. The premium sex saddle comes with a one-year warranty.

Image sources: COTR