The Best Adult Flash Games

Online erotic games you can play in your browser!

For a long time, Adobe’s Flash was the go-to software platform for everything from animation to—you guessed it—online games.

Plagued by substantial security flaws, though, Adobe has been steadily inching towards replacing it with HTML5.

Even though Flash is on the way out, it still has its uses. Especially in the world of erotic games. One of the biggest benefits being that, after installing a browser plug-in, a Flash game will play on just about any computer.

So without further ado, here’s our list of best adult flash games. They will tickle your fancy and, hopefully, stroke your libido.

Dildo Darts

Our first game might be—let’s face it—downright silly. But that doesn’t make it any less erotic or, best of all, fun.

The point of Dildo Darts [NSFW] is to use a projectile to hit score markers, avoiding the sex toys in the way. Hit a target and you’re rewarded with an erotic image. Think Naughty Birds but with pornography.

Another reason it’s included here: its unique take on erotic games is possible only through the use of Flash.

Booty Calls

Another example of how flexible, and even crazy, erotic flash games can be, Booty Calls [NSFW] is about a mermaid princess who asks you to perform cunnilingus on a variety of girls to collect their—let’s call them fluids.

But first comes the dating: beginning with dialogue choices and then a matching puzzle game. Do them right and you get your sexually explicit reward.

If there’s a flaw in this game it is that its site has its own form of currency, which either slowly builds up over time or you can buy with real money. Still, it’s a fun and really out there title, especially for fans of hentai—and so a definite addition to our list of adult flash games.

Farm Stories

Lessons of Passion is a site packed with Flash games, some of them requiring a fee but many are totally free. One of the more interesting adult flash games is Farm Stories [NSFW]. A combination of a hunt-and-click adventure and a dialogue choice game, it’s on this list for those unique combinations and because it makes the player really work to get the erotic payout. It’s also, in its own odd way, charming. The characters have unique personalities and don’t just rip their clothes off and get right to it.

Camera Business

Also from Lessons of Passion is Camera Business [NSFW]: an RPG title where you play a budding erotic filmmaker working with your star/girlfriend.

The mechanics are actually quite engaging: having to balance clothes, props, and equipment with the happiness of your leading lady. What puts it on our best adult flash games list is the erotic goal, which are the movies themselves: animated in a 3D style and going from masturbation to bukkake—with lots of other sexual adventures along the way.

Fake Lay

Another title from Nutaku is Fake Lay [NSFW]: a cartoonish RPG where you play a cab driver who uses his vehicle to make adult films. To get your animated prize you have to handle a ton of actually entertaining mini-games, ranging from swiping away “swear words” to make the right dialogue choices.

This playfulness plus the plethora of different game types put it on our adult flash games list. It does lose points, however, for being another title that keeps nagging you to purchase items with real money.

Flash but not forgotten

While Flash may be on the way out as a platform, it’s still hanging on where it matters most: as a bastion for all kinds of great adult flash games.

Do you have a favorite adult flash game? Disagree with our list or have a different game to suggest? Please feel free to share your top picks with us in the comments below!

Image sources: Farm Stories [NSFW], Dildo Darts [NSFW], Booty Calls [NSFW], Camera Business [NSFW], Fake Lay [NSFW]