The 12 Best Sex Toys for Couples in Long-distance Relationships

Fun adult pleasure products to help keep the passion alive.



Teledildonics (or remote sex toys) can take a relationship to the next level, particularly if the relationship is long distance. These interactive devices use haptic feedback to record and send simulations of your intimate movements to partners located thousands of miles away.

But it can be hard to know which to buy. So we’ve looked at the pros and cons of 12 of the best sex toys for couples to help people make the right choices for them. While most on the market are geared toward straight couples, many can also be used by queer and non-binary lovers.

1. The Fuse vibratorkiiroo-ohmibod-fuse-light-black

Fuse is a dual-stimulation touch-sensitive female vibrator containing two interior motors and an exterior LED light. It is the result of a collaboration between Kiiroo and OhMiBod. Fuse is the haptic companion to the Launch stroker (see below), so can be used by heterosexual couples. But it is also compatible with several webcam platforms.

Suki Dunham, OhMiBod founder, said: “The technology underlying the Fuse is the future of intimacy, unlocking new levels of interactivity—no matter where you are in the world.”

A reviewer on said: “I truly believe it has given our relationship a new fire and has managed to bring passion to my business trips.”

Pros: High-quality silicone and sleek design.

Cons: Not the quietest or longest battery life.

2. The Launch stroker


Kiiroo and Fleshslight’s Launch is an app-controlled sex toy for men. The interactive device simulates sex with a stroking sensation focused on the penis. It must be used with a Fleshlight, but can then be used manually or synced to a variety of VR adult content. It is also compatible with Kiiroo’s Pearl and Onyx products (see below), so is perfect for long-distance partners.

Future of Sex’s review said: “Combining an expansive repertoire of functionality with sheer, brute power, this product will impress even the most skeptical user.”

Pros: Tailored stroke and speed, good for those with limited mobility.

Cons: Although quieter than the previous iteration, the Launch is still loud, and quite large and clunky.

3. & 4. Onyx2 and Pearl2

Onyx2 and Pearl2

Sleeker and quieter than its predecessor, Kiiroo’s Onyx2 is a male stroker designed to connect to the Dutch company’s Pearl2 vibrator. It has an increased stroking action—up to 140 strokes per minute —and now offers pace control.

While the original Pearl was straight and simple, the Pearl2 is curved and offers g-spot stimulation. It also uses touch-sensitive technology, responding to movements while in use.

As Kiiroo continues to lead the way in offering the best sex toys for couples, its new and improved products seem to be hitting the spot.

A review on Surviving LDR said: “Especially for couples new to long distance, these devices can transform your long-distance relationship. Being able to see each other while we fool around makes the distance not so bad.”

Onyx2 pros: Light, quiet and powerful. No cons!

Pearl2 pros: Stronger vibrations, reasonably priced.

Pearl2 cons: No flared base so not practical for anal.

5. & 6. Nora and Max

Nora and Max

Max and Nora are Hong-Kong based teledildonics company Lovense’s his and her devices, although the Max can also connect to another Max, and the Nora to another Nora.

The stroker, Max, uses air-pump technology (unique to Lovense) to enhance the toy’s movement. It connects through an app to the Nora, a dual-stimulation vibrator that contains beads in the shaft. Both toys can also respond to music played through the company’s app.

Pros: Simplicity: designed solely for use by couples. Nora’s rabbit design is a tried and tested vibrator design that appeals to many.

Cons: The design of both toys is less sophisticated than Kiiroo and OhMiBod, and the connection technology is not as advanced.

7. & 8. Hush and Lush

Hush and Lush

Hush is Lovense’s Bluetooth-controlled vibrating butt plug, while Lush is a vibrating egg. Both are controlled through an app but do not sync with each other or other toys. So while they can be used in couples and over long distances, one partner must control the toy the other is using.

Future of Sex reported on Hush when it was released, after a successful crowdfunding through Indiegogo:

The waterproof, silicone Hush comes in two sizes and has enough battery power for one or two hours of continuous use. Other features include an option for sound-activated use and a built-in encrypted messaging tool as part of the app.”

Pros: Both are comfortable, discrete and quiet.

Cons: Connectivity has been an issue for many users.

9. Tiani 3

Swedish company Lelo has upped the ante with Tiani 3, a dual-stimulation remote-controlled massager for women. It can be controlled by a partner or used during intercourse. Where it differs from the Tiani 2 is its squared head, which offers broader stimulation to the clitoris.

One reviewer at LELO said: “I could hold the remote in one hand and use it to tease him with the same vibrations I was feeling.”

Pros: Can be used during intercourse.

Cons: Not suitable for lovers interested in interactive long-distance sex.

10. & 11. Vibease and Esthesia

Vibease now has two vibrators compatible with its app: the dual-stimulation Esthesia and its eponymous clitoris stimulator. The Vibease app can make long-distance video calls, allows for couples to message each other, and syncs with erotic audiobooks.

“We now make Vibease as a platform for other sex toys,” Vibease co-founder and CEO Dema Tio told Future of Sex in 2016. “We provide the technology for other companies to make their sex toys become smart.”

Pros: The leader in app technology. More app options available.

Cons: Miss Ruby Reviews said: “I wish the audiobook selection was more inclusive. I didn’t spot anything out there for gay, lesbian, trans or queer users, which I hope Vibease works on into the future.”

12. We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync, from Canadian company Standard Innovation Corporation, is similar to the Tiani 3. It connects to We-Vibe’s app We-Connect. The We-Vibe Sync is more flexible than other We-Vibe products; it has two hinges to fit a wider range of bodies. It also has stronger vibrations.

“Standard Innovation has created a great product with We-Connect,” Future of Sex said of the company’s app. “Once you get synced via Bluetooth the app can control vibration speed, pattern, and be stopped and started at will. It is actually really fun to play with.”

Pros: We-Vibe has a range of products to suit all needs, shapes, and sizes.

Cons: The company was the focus of a privacy lawsuit.

What do you think of our list of the 12 best sex toys for couples in long-distance relationships? Let us know if you agree, disagree, or missed any of your favorite fun adult haptic devices.

Image sources: Morderska, Kiiroo, Lovense, Lelo, We-Vibe, and Vibease