Teledildonics and Virtual Reality: The Top Sex Toys For Men

An overview of the best male sex devices on the market. 

According to product sales’ statistics, sex toys are not traditionally as popular among men as they are among women. While many men know about male sex toys, they may be unwilling or unmotivated to purchase their own devices.

However, with the advent of Internet-connected sex toys, referred to as teledildonics, the interactive possibilities of automated, responsive, and just plain incredible sensations may become too enticing for men to miss out on. This may be especially true after the consumer version of Oculus Rift hits the market early next year, and more men will be able to pair their devices with the VR headset.

What follows below is a list of male teledildonic products making waves around the world, and which ones have virtual reality applications.


The Vstroker [NSFW] is a teledildonic attachment that connects to the back of the Fleshlight [NSFW], a top-selling male sex sleeve. Once connected, it records the speed of its user’s strokes in and out of the Fleshlight. This recorded data is sent wirelessly to a USB that plugs into the user’s computer so they can interact with Vstroker-enabled video content on their computer screen.


This means that first-person point-of-view adult videos, featuring well-known adult actresses, respond to the user’s movements, creating an integrated sex simulation experience in real time.

Vstroker CEO Troy Peterson has also assured us that it will support all VR headsets and they are working on more visual content right now.

For those unfamiliar with the Fleshlight [NSFW], onto which the Vstroker connects, it was the first brand to change the male sex toy aesthetic and attract men to the sex toy market. Fleshlight claimed to have sold over 5, 000, 000 units in 2012.

The Fleshlight was revolutionary because it employed a lighthearted, humorous approach to the design of its product, moving away from the literal likeness of the female form, and instead going for a simple internal replica of a vagina. Covering the front-end external orifice are recognizable vaginal lips. The rest of the external cylinder has a functional, flashlight-themed design.

Another Fleshlight feature, which can boost the enjoyment of pairing it with Vstroker, is the possibility of purchasing different vaginal designs. As the user may wish to interact with their favorite actress’s Vstroker enabled video content, they have the option of buying a Fleshlight that features a replicated version of that same actress’s vagina.

Tenga/Novint Falcon

Tenga, like Fleshlight, has moved away from a realistic aesthetic by completely doing away with a fleshy exterior. The company does not currently sell teledildonic products; however, its products’ light weight makes them ideal for integration with the Novint Falcon, according to interactive cam model Stassi Stroker, this pairing is also used with Oculus Rift.

First unveiled at the Oculus Game Jam tech conference in November 2013, the Tenga VR demo was met with a mixture of intrigue and bemusement, as it displayed the trio working together.

Tenga and the Novint Falcon

Inside the Oculus virtual world, users see a young anime girl before them. The Tenga Vacuum Cup protrudes forward from the bottom of the screen with the implied intention of the visible gun in a first-person shooter game.

Outside of the game, the Tenga Vacuum Cup is connected to the Novint Falcon, which is a haptic controller (similar to a joystick) that simulates realistic resistance in three dimensions. The player is then able to see his movements with the avatar in the virtual world.

This body-to-sex toy connection is simulated back into the game by the Novint Falcon, which logs users movements and then responds on behalf of the avatar on screen.

The software integrating these devices was built by Illusion, a Japanese game developer whose products are only available in Japan.


The Shockspot [NSFW] is a powerful, fully adjustable thrust-motion device. Its electric cylinder can thrust with customizable speed, depth, and acceleration. Different settings can be applied with pre-configurations or controlled during use.

The Shockspot has its own software and is Bluetooth compatible, which means the user, or even their partner, can control it from their smartphone, PC, or via the optional remote control unit.

The Shockspot system is not designed to interact directly with the human body. It connects to a range of sex toys including the Fleshlight.

The Shockspot does not currently synchronize with virtual reality content. However, the adult virtual world Red Light Center [NSFW] is working on incorporating the device into its new Oculus Rift-supported browser Curio.

Kiiroo Onyx

The Kiiroo Onyx has a Fleshlight-style design with a slightly more modern aspect. Sitting on a mantlepiece, it resembles a portable speaker. Kiiroo and Fleshlight have also recently announced a partnership which means that Fleshlight sleeve products will become available for insertion in the Kiiroo Onyx.

Onyx and Flesh

The teledildonic capacity of the Kiiroo product lies in its ability to apply pressure and stimulate the penis at precise points. Once the user has inserted their penis, the Onyx can squeeze, slide, and rub with varied speed and pressure.

When coupled with another Kiiroo device (the Kiiroo Pearl, or another Kiiroo Onyx) it provides the possibility of interactive sexual experience between two connected partners who may be continents apart.

Kiiroo has its own video chat platform. Partners connect using a unique code so they can see while they stimulate one another.

For Onyx to Pearl connections, the physical stimulation applied to the Pearl is simulated inside the Onyx. In Onyx to Onyx connections, each user controls their partners’ stimulation using the touchpad on their own Onyx device.This same touchpad can control its own user’s stimulation as well.

The VR applications for the Kiiroo include tactile adult content that simulates sensations in the Onyx with what’s on screen. Websites like youmecams.com also allow Onyx users to connect remotely (and usually at a price) with people they haven’t met before.

Kiiroo has also recently announced a partnership with VirtualRealPorn [NSFW], which means the Onyx will sync with video content, performing tactile stimulation that mirrors the visual content.

Kiiroo’s Onyx can also be used in the new Red Light Center [NSFW] browser named Curio, which supports Oculus Rift.

Last week, when I spoke to Kiiroo’s customer support about whether the reverse situation could be possible, for the Onyx to teledildonically stimulate its Pearl counterpart, they said no. But a spokesperson said an exciting development concerning this would become available later this month.

Lovense’s Max

Max by Lovense is an interactive male sex sleeve designed to send and receive erotic sensations from a smart vibrator called Nora.

MAX Lovense

Similar to Vstroker’s interactive adult content experience, Lovense has also teamed up with VirtualRealPorn [NSFW] to create a teledildonically enhanced sex toy experience.

The partnership between VirtualRealPorn and Lovense will create video content that can sync with Max and Nora.

Unlike the Vstroker, the Lovense devices do the all the simulation work. Their users take on a passive role, sitting back to experience contractions and vibrations that correspond to the pace set by the actors they see on-screen.

Like the Kiiroo products, Max and Nora are also designed to foster sexual connections across long distances, so they support remote control between devices as well.

Image sources: Jokestrap, Lovense, Kiiroo