Take a Peak at the VRBangers ‘Sex Helmet’ Worn by Adult Stars

Immersive sex truly filmed from the first-person POV.

One of the greatest challenges to creating virtual reality entertainment, especially of the adult variety, is recording the action in a way that can then be played back through a VR headset.

VRBangers [NSFW] has realized this challenge and had previously developed a kind of robot head for recording virtual reality adult interactions. This head, which we reported on previously, mirrored the viewers own: eyes with cameras, ears with microphones, and so forth.

Better than a fake head

The idea was that this head could better capture the erotic experience and give the actors something to relate to. But it wasn’t perfect.

After all, the head wasn’t attached to a flesh-and-blood body—so a human stand-in would have to be used, or perhaps a plastic male counterpart.

Xander Jones, a producer at VRBangers [NSFW], told The Mirror that they needed something better.

Even though the old head rig was doing great, we had some issues with it and not all of professional porn stars liked it—that is why we had to sooner or later come up with something new, and, which was a matter of the company’s honor, even better and more sophisticated than before.

What was needed was a way to record VR that would be immersive but also work with, instead of replacing, a human.

Introducing the VRBangers’ Head Rig 2.0

The answer was the VR Bangers’ Head Rig 2.0: which, when worn by adult entertainers, would record a full range of vision while not getting in the way of the erotic action.

With seven, and not just two, cameras plus microphones, the helmet can be comfortably worn in just about every sexual position.

What is more, Boris Smirnoff, Chief Technology Officer at VRBangers, also told The Mirror, we have introduced a special stabilization system in order to prevent the camera from being too shaky.

Shakey, of course, is another term for a kind of motion sickness that can sometimes plague VR experiences.

Currently, the helmet is being tested with live actors and will be part of some soon-to-be-released adult films from the studio.

World of possibilities

By taking bulky cameras, microphones, and motion tracking gear out of the equation, VR Bangers’ Head Rig 2.0 be just what adult entertainers have been looking for

Think of it this way: being freed from massive amounts of hardware will mean that the action, whatever that might be, can take place anywhere —not just confined to a studio.

What to know what it’s like to be sexual as another gender, ethnicity, age, or with or without a disability? In the near future, with an even more portable variety of these helmets, anyone can put one on and so share their unique perspectives on sex and pleasure with the world.

Breaking down sexual barriers

After all, what happens to bigotry, prejudice, intolerance, and most of all ignorance when you can, using the word correctly, literally see what other people see.

While the VR Bangers’ Head Rig 2.0 is, right now, a tool for making erotic virtual reality more immersive there’s a very good chance that technology like it will become a proven method for humans to gain respect, understanding, and even love for one another,

Image sources: VRBangers [NSFW], Oleg Afonin, Maurizio Pesce