Sx Tech’s 7-day Accelerator Seeks 10 Female Entrepreneurs

Women in sex tech invited to apply for design program in the Mediterranean.

In April 2020, Sx Tech will be running a design sprint accelerator program for women in sex tech. The event was created to encourage entrepreneurs to fine-tune and expand their business ideas, working with design company Goodpatch.

Recent years have shown how tech and femtech industries have been revolutionized by women, who are leading the way with groundbreaking technology in an industry that is only growing bigger each year. Sex tech is currently estimated at being a $30 billion industry.

With women at the helm of the sex tech industry, new products are being released that are tailored toward a female market, tackling concerns such as low libido, improved sexual pleasure, and reproductive health.

Recent successes have included:

  • Lora DiCarlo and its award-winning device, Osé, which was released for purchase in December 2019
  • The Lioness Vibrator, which can be synchronized with your phone after each use, showing a graph of your orgasms. It is a finalist for CES 2020’s Last Gadget Standing Award
  • Exciting sexual wellness tech such as kegg, for pelvic floor control, and apps like Rosy, for improving libido.

The program has 10 places available and participants will be chosen by the organizing committee with the aim of finding fresh ideas from across the globe.

Applications are welcomed to women of any background who are working or designing sex tech or femtech.

What does the program include?

During the seven-day program, participants will learn vital business skills such as prototyping, design, user testing, and marketing. The program will also offer valuable time to discuss business practices with other women entrepreneurs, building connections worldwide.

Furthermore, participants will have access to masterclasses, workshops, and talks, all designed to get the best out of their business design.

At the end of the program, the entrepreneur with the best business strategy will receive £10,000 worth of support from Healthy Pleasure Collective, a sex tech agency founded by Dominnique Karetsos, formerly CMO of MysteryVibe and Dr. Maria Fernana Peraza Godoy, an expert in sexual medicine.

This support will cover areas such as branding, development, and fundraising, providing entrepreneurs with the best possible start for progressing with their business.

All the events of the program can be enjoyed against the backdrop of beautiful Mallorca, with walking groups organized for relaxation with other participants.

A bright future for women in sex tech

Sx Tech’s Sprint Accelerator program shows a real excitement for women-led companies, providing technological answers for sexual wellness, improved pleasure, and reproductive health.

Furthermore, this event will take strides to tackle the inherent stigma surrounding sex tech, particularly concerning women’s pleasure.

The program can help to create an inspirational community of women, all within the field of sex tech, allowing for support from women who understand the trials of working in the industry and can collaborate to destigmatize sexual pleasure

For more information and the application form visit sprint.sxtech.

Image source: Free-Photos, Sx Tech