Stuff Your Stockings: Vibease Releases Christmas-themed Erotica

Now, your vibrator can sync to Santa Claus saying “ho ho ho”!

The sex tech company Vibease has launched a series of Christmas-themed audiobooks, to play on your Android or iOS device while you have fun with its sex toys. 

Both the Vibease panty vibe and the Esthesia rabbit vibrator, the two devices produced by the company, can sync their vibrations with the audiobooks, using the “Fantasy” app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Among the most renowned content creators chosen by Vibease for the festive season, there’s British Filth, who regularly uploads sex-positive audio erotica on his Patreon, Tumblr and Reddit accounts. 

For the sex tech company, he recorded Visiting at Christmas, an intriguing story about two sexual partners who tease each other from across the room at a Christmas reunion.

The website created for Vibease Santa Calls, an explicit audiobook featuring a sexy Santa, while the author Surfer Rod published on the Fantasy app Home for the Holidays, a story where a couple has quiet sex while visiting their family for the holidays. 

Lastly, the Irish author Gaelforce recorded Merry Christmas, Baby!, a sizzling audiobook specifically intended for the users of Vibease’s popular teledildonic devices.

With the Vibease device, the user can listen to any audiobook hands-free, since its flat design allows to tuck it inside a pair of panties. When the vibrator syncs with audio content, there’s no need to use any controls, so the user can immerse completely into the sexual fantasy. 

The Esthesia, on the other hand, has the classic hand-held rabbit shape. 

Image sources: Vibease