Stroke ‘Til You’re Broke: Penis Ring Will Tip Cam Models Based on Your Erection Size

CamSoda’s PayPhal offers a hands-free way to pay for adult services.

PayPal revolutionized how we transfer funds online. Now, PayPhal hopes to do the same for adult entertainment—by letting men pay cam models with their penises.

Conceived by adult site Camsoda [NSFW], the PayPhal is a teledildonic penis ring that registers a user’s arousal levels using a “Girth Detector.. When said user gets an erection during a cam session with a model, the device accesses a digital wallet and sends an automatic tip.

CamSoda isn’t shy about its aspirations for the product. One day, the company hopes, strip clubs will use digital technology enabling the use of PayPhal, allowing men to walk in the door with rings already attached to their members.

The advantage for users? Hands-free payment. And for models: a “definitive barometer” of their performances.

It’s a brave new world where coins aren’t the only hard objects you can use as legal tender.

The cam site that cried wolf?

Of course, the announcement raises several interesting questions.

First, is there an actual demand for such a product? Are men clamoring to pay with their privates? Is there even a demographic that could be persuaded to splash out on purchases using their penises . . . almost literally?

And most importantly: is the device even real?

CamSoda has announced a number of products that won the site viral media attention. In 2016, there was the “JerkShirt” for men, and “WetterSweater” for women, which had prosthetic arms designed to conceal public masturbation. Despite admittedly hilarious promotional videos, the webpages are (fortunately) open for “pre-orders” only.

The same is true of the OhRoma, promised in 2017 to add smell to virtual reality performances. Similarly, the RubGrub, a Bluetooth button that orders Dominos pizza, isn’t purchasable at CamSoda and Dominos had never heard of it.

So while PayPhal is certainly an entertaining idea, when you reach into your pocket, expect to pull out your wallet for some time to come . . .

Image sources: Camsoda [NSFW]