Speaking About the Ethics of Interspecies Virtual Sex

Why audiences love hearing about the possibilities of virtual worlds

One of the many reasons that I wanted us to set up this Future of Sex site is that I have found that my speaking audiences always love the topic when I bring it up.

In a number of my keynotes, given the right audience and context, I have referred to virtual sex, sex robots, and sometimes shown a brief and tame tour through the streets of the world’s largest virtual sex site, Red Light Center. In every instance the audience has been fascinated.

In fact my current keynote speaker video, as below, includes a segment of me speaking in July 2007 to an after-dinner audience of healthcare professionals about sex in Second Life and the ethics of interspecies sex.

For Future of Sex segment: watch from 3:10 to 4:04

I am overdue to replace this speaking video – we have great video of plenty of more recent speeches, and the quality of some of the old footage including that of the future of sex segment just aren’t good enough. So before these videos are replaced with new ones, here is the old footage.

So what do you think? Is interspecies virtual sex OK or not?