Soon RealDolls Will Sync to Live Cam Performers for Sex in Virtual Reality

CamSoda, Abyss Creations, and Lovense team up for VIRP project. 

CamSoda Labs, the research and development branch of the well-known camming site Camsoda [NSFW], is at it again! The team has announced another project inspired by its imaginative approach to remote sex.

Virtual Intercourse with Real People (VIRP) is CamSoda’s new partnership with Abyss Creations, which plans to combine RealDoll high-end sex dolls, live cam models, and virtual reality to create a system that mimics sex with a cam performer in real time.

It will work like this: RealDolls will come enhanced with interactive genital support provided by Lovense and virtual reality integration. Cam viewers with VR headsets and a doll will be able to go CamSoda and select a cam model with an Internet-connected sex toy.

The idea is that you will be able to see the real model in virtual reality as well as (ahem) “interact” with her via your RealDoll’s built-in teledildonic hardware. So whatever erotic actions she makes, and whatever you do, are transmitted back and forth via sensations created by touch-feedback technology.

The RealDoll may also add an extra dimension of immersion—its silicone form creates the illusion that you are actually touching a cam model.

Currently, the VIRP project appears to be in the development stage.

A man sits on a couch wearing a VR headset and is straddled by a silicone sex doll.

Ultimate sex fantasies?

Of the project, CamSoda Vice President Darren Press said in a press release: “Essentially, users will be able to live out their ultimate sex fantasies, and quench their immediate desires, in an immersive sensory environment that allows them to have real sex with virtual partners.”

Mirroring this sentiment, RealDoll’s Matt McMullen also said: “With the rollout of VIRP, users will be able to enjoy their RealDoll in an immersive environment that hinges on reality, bringing together the industry’s cutting-edge technologies—RealDolls, teledildonics, virtual reality and camming.”

Playfully cutting edge

VIRP joins the ranks of other CamSoda projects. For example, a little over a year ago they announced OhRoma, a system to allow users to add smell to their VR experiences, and a year before that they said they were working on real-time holograms of their models. We’re looking forward to whether the VIRP project comes to fruition.

While it is likely that at least a few of their projects are just ways of garnering publicity, you still have to give CamSoda Labs kudos for creativity. This is especially true in the way they take existing technology—like teledildonics and VR—and combine them to create a truly intriguing and realistic sexual experience.

Image sources: Camsoda [NSFW]