Smells Like Sex: Has Virtual Reality Crossed the Next Multi-sensory Frontier?

CamSoda is working on adding erotic aromas to VR porn. 

With haptic-touch technology, binaural sound, and high-resolution video already commonplace, it was just a matter of time before a developer jumped on adding the next great sensory element to virtual reality.

And it smells. Hopefully in a good—and arousing—way.

CamSoda, a cam company we’ve reported on before releasing $1 virtual blow jobs and live streaming holographic cam shows, has announced the release of OhRoma: a system allowing VR users to experience over 30 different erotic smells while watching VR porn.

Using two canisters, each containing three slots for unique fragrances that are attached to what looks like an old-style gas mask, OhRoma could very well be a new level of sensory immersion for virtual reality users.

So far, CamSoda has only released information on six categories of aromas, including environments, aphrodisiacs, fragrances, body odor, panties and, naturally, private parts.

The system uses heat to release the scents, controlled via a yet-to-be-released app. CamSoda even promises that it will be possible to trigger smells remotely between two users, meaning that playmates can use the app to send their partners a dose of, let’s say, the smell of chocolate and sweat. Yum!

There’s no information on if it may be possible in the future to customize aromas, to send your lover your own particular scent for example. But it’s not hard to envision that eventually being an option.

It would be easy to look at the OhRoma as a bit of “you can’t be serious” tech, but you have to give CamSoda major points for attempting to include the sexual powerhouse that lies in smell to the other senses already being embraced by virtual reality developers.

Image source: CamSoda