SinVR Review: VR Babes and 3D Celeb Parodies Sizzle on Adult Game Portal

Growing roster of hotties includes the Dragon Milf, Scarlet, and Alana Quinn.

This week courtesy of SinVR [NSFW], and in exchange for an honest review, I was given full access to one of the Internet’s most popular VR and 3D interactive sex game portals.

The wonderfully designed SinVR adult software is intended for use with a PC-enabled VR headset or Android (Cardboard). Don’t have access to one? Don’t fear! The sex game platform will run just fine on your Windows desktop supporting non-VR modes with keyboard and mouse control.

Virtually real hotties and parodies


SinVR is predominantly a simulation software allowing you to experience simulated sexual encounters with a huge roster of women, with more constantly being added to the lineup.

On top of the large list of female characters, the software also has a gigantic list of locales for you to enjoy, each with its own list of specific sexual positions and erotic poses for the user to experiment with.

SinVR [NSFW] includes a handful of its own unique characters like the sexy school teacher, a Voluptuous Vampire, and even a Zombie Nurse. But I suspect it’s their “parody” characters that are the platform’s drawcard.

The latest parody character named Wonder Slut, clearly inspired by our favorite heroine Wonder Woman, is now available along with her unique location set in London. She comes with scripted vocals and a sexy costume. Other awesome parody characters include Dragon Milf and Alana Quinn, who bear striking resemblances to much-lusted-after characters in Game of Thrones and The Suicide Squad.

The 3D models and locations are incredibly well detailed and rendered. Although with the Dragon Milf laid out in front of you, her realistic and mouthwatering physical appearance definitely drew the bulk of my attention.

The level of care and detail placed in each scene is amazing. As someone who has studied game development and animation, I spent a lot of time zooming the camera around to examine the level of care invested in each of the 3D spaces. I cannot fault the developers on this whatsoever.

Sound and vision

Where SinVR began to fail for me was in its animation, which is a shame considering the great work put into each model and their respective textures. I’ve mentioned this in previous reviews but I want to really saturate this point: animation in a simulated sexual encounter is important. As a developer of this genre of software, your role should be maximizing a player’s immersion, not just creating pretty window dressing.

The faces of the performers are almost completely static, save their mouth popping open and closed to deliver their dialogue. Rigging a face for animation properly is important to breathe life into a scene. The same goes for clipping issues.

Nothing breaks immersion more than the first time you see a penis exit through a character’s back, or watching one of the models perform oral sex with a penis exiting out the front of her throat. These issues should be addressed during the Quality Assurance (QA) phase in development.

To be fair though, animation problems seem to be present in almost all VR and 3D sex simulation software. I truly hope it’s an issue that gets addressed moving forward, especially when people are paying subscriptions or handing over cash for individual downloadable content (DLC).

Now let’s talk sound quality. Overall SinVR [NSFW] gets a pass, I can tell they put some real effort into the dialogue and ambient sounds of each character and scene.

A screenshot of the Dragon Milf VR porn parody game.

Some of the characters spoken dialogue was so high pitched it grated on me, and on occasion, the ambient sounds were set well too high. One scene in particular inside the Dragon Milf’s temple, there’s a huge obnoxious dragon walking around in the background.

On top of occasionally forcing his head through the body of the female character model, it also roars and at one point breathed right in my ear so loud I had to smash the mute button to save myself.

My final thoughts on SinVR

  • I had an overall good experience with the software.
  • The interface is designed nicely, easy to navigate for people new to VR and Veterans alike.
  • The detail put into each model and location is amazing, I was rather impressed, possibly some of the best 3D model work I’ve seen so far for this genre.
  • The sound quality is overall great, all the parody characters deliver unique dialogue which enhances immersion in each the scene. Although they have a tendency to repeat themselves and never stop delivery their lines, ever
  • Poor animation, in certain areas. Not every animation was a failure, but enough was missing to break my willing suspension of disbelief.

But despite its shortfalls, overall, SinVR does outshine its competitors in the virtual reality and 3D marketplace, if you have a VR headset and are in the market for some fun adult software, I would recommend you give SinVR a go.

Have you guys tried SinVR or a similar software? We would love to hear your thoughts on the state of 3D VR sex games below in the comments.

Image sources: SinVR [NSFW]