Sex::Tech – Informing Our Youth on Sexual Health

A two day event using new media to assist our teens on making the right decisions.

Sex::Tech is an annual event hosted by Oakland-based company ISIS-INC.ORG.

Held on April 1-2, 2011 in San Francisco, this event is aimed at supporting and enabling our youth to make decisions regarding their sexual lives through the use of new media.

To get a room full of teens speaking about their sexual lives would be a difficult task…. To get them there with their parents would be even harder. Hats off to ISIS-INC.ORG who have managed exactly that.

The really cool thing about this conference is that if you cannot make it to the event you can view it via a video stream here: Sex::Tech Live Stream

Here are some excerpts from Sex::Tech’s blog

– “We made sex videos & machinima using Second Life & Snapz, using machinima technologies – biggest challenges were functional anatomy & animations.”

– “Majority of young african-american men play video games – 75% play daily – ISIS’s whitepaper says they WANT sex ed this way. Long exposure if fun & engaging – can tailor content – can show consequences of both positive & negative behaviors – can model positive behaviors – may decrease resistance to “education” – learning by roleplay & problem solving”

Here you can check out the keynote from 2010:

Were you able to attend the conference? Any first hand insights?