Sex Toy Inventor Shares ‘Billion-dollar Opportunity’ for Men’s Product

Aerospace engineer says sex tech lacks sense of connection.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Spitzer of sex tech startup Outplay earlier this year at the 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

An aerospace engineer, Spitzer is on a mission not just to develop new sex toys. He wants to discover the metrics behind what creates a great erotic experience and apply that to this technology.

While he’s keeping mum on his findings and in-development products, Spitzer did share insights on how current devices for men lack the realism of partnered sex.

Watch the video below to hear him talk about the billion-dollar opportunity investors are missing out on. You can read the full transcript underneath.


Jeff: I would say right now in terms of trends, there is a billion-dollar opportunity for the men’s toy that integrates with the porn that they watch, and no one has delivered it yet.

The person who finds that solution and delivers that toy at the price point and with the features that the male users want will kill it.

Jenna: Are you working on something for that?

Jeff: You bet.

Jenna: There are some devices like the Vstroker some things from Kiiroo, those aren’t up to snuff you think? They’re not really converting?

Jeff: I don’t know their numbers. So you can look at their numbers and you can make your own decision about whether or not they’re getting the customers that they want.

I look at it more from, “Are they delivering sexuality?” Not, “Are they delivering, maybe, a stimulation or the stimulation that they promise.”

I think they’re delivering on their promise. I’m not really critical of the toys for what they are. But we have a long way to go between what those toys deliver and what partnered sex is like.

That’s really where I look down the road is that, and I’m not talking about love dolls. I’m talking about sensation. I’m talking about connection. I’m talking about interaction with the user. How close do you get to something that actually feels like partnered sex? And that’s really the challenge.