Sex Tech Goes Green with ‘Eco-friendly’ Pleasure Products

Heat up your sex life, not the ocean.

Using body-safe sex toys, meaning ones that are both non-toxic and non-porous, is incredibly important for your health. But have you thought about how sex toys may be harming Mother Earth?

Fortunately, sex tech developers are beginning to follow higher ethical and environmental standardswhen making intimate products.

Sex toys and accessories labeled “eco-friendly” are steadily growing in numbers, boasting better production and disposal outcomes.

Of course, we can’t automatically believe all claims. Some shady marketers will try and trick us with greenwashing.

So here we examine some promising adult products that boast they are good for both us and the environment.

The Gaia eco bullet and vibrator bill themselves as being part of the first line of biodegradable vibrators.” Both are reasonably priced at less than $20 each.

They’re made of a non-porous material called BioFeel, a mixture of bioplastic and cornstarch, that enables them to biodegrade at commercial composting centers between 47 and 90 days.

To top it off, these waterproof devices also meet European safety standards with CE and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) certifications.

Play with them! Compost them! Recycle them!

The We-Vibe Tango Mini Vibe is small, powerful, and made of BPA-free plastic. Better yet for the Earth, the waterproof device claims carbon-neutral manufacturing.

No, it’s not compost-friendly like the Gaia sex toys, but its packaging is recyclable. Small victories. It costs about $80.

Sustain Condoms offers Fair Trade and vegan-certified condoms in “ultra thin” and “comfort fit.” Each style is free of nitrosamines, a commonly used compound used in condoms that is carcinogenic.

Costing $5 for a four-pack, the condoms are made of ethically sourced latex.

Don’t forget the lube! When you’re ready to play, pull out Almost Naked personal lubricant by Good Clean Love. Chock full of natural ingredients, Almost Naked also swaps out potential irritant glycerine for Aloe vera extract.

The company’s plastic packaging is made of recyclable sugar cane. A 1.5-ounze bottle is priced at $10.

Are there any body-sage and eco-friendly pleasure products you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image sources: TabuToys, WeVibe