Sex, Open Sourced: Accessible Sex Software and DIY Hardware

Producers of adult media have been seeking a new market in emerging technologies…Individuals who have worked in the field for nearly a decade, since adult videos became easily accessible for even low-bandwidth internet users, and they are finally giving the public access to tech that can be converted, co-opted or otherwise integrated into open source teledildonics systems. This movement is encouraging a new wave of at-home enthusiasts eager to get their creative juices flowing.

The Hardware to Hack

The obvious hardware for most casual creators to begin with is the Xbox Kinect. Its body-mapping abilities are at the top of the market and it is readily accessible to the average consumer with the time and expendable income to experiment. As the mainstream media continues to lavish attention on adult hacks like Thrixxx, it is only a matter of time before this same hardware is used to control actual sex machines instead of sexually active avatars.

Thrixxx is an interactive 3D sex game development group who has recently announced a Kinect hack for use with Windows 7 versions of their games. It allows players to use hand gestures and voice commands to control their in-game actions and connect with online sex partners. This article from Slashdong outlines just what kind of impact Kinect could have on the future of teledildonics, detailing several areas where improvements will allow for even better application for sexual technology.