Sex Doll ‘Brothel’ Company Sets Its Sights on Vancouver

Is Canada joining the trend and opening establishments that rent out synthetic lovers?

Vancouver may be the latest international city that allows clients to pay by the hour for intimate time spent with realistic sex dolls.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Bella Dolls has been advertising its sex doll establishment or “brothel,” which is similar to others already doing business in major cities around the globe.

Advertised with provocative pictures of sex dolls, flyers claim the new business will “Make all your sexual fantasies a reality.” The promotional material stated the official opening date was November 2 but had been accepting pre-launch bookings.

Prices for time spent with the dolls were listed as CA$90 (about US$70) for 30 minutes, CA$120 (US$90) or an hour, and CA$240 (US$180) for two hours.

No license, no fun?

The problem is, that according to the City of Vancouver, Bella Dolls has yet to receive or even apply for a license to operate.

The city is clear it isn’t standing in the way, telling to the Vancouver Sun there currently aren’t any laws on the books preventing the so-called sex doll brothel from opening.

But there could be other factors working against the brothel opening, including Bella’s possible consideration of what happened to Aura Dolls in Toronto.

This establishment was shut down after complaints from residents spurred a councilor to dig up an old bylaw that prohibited adult enterprises in that part of the city.

Already operating?

However, if there was any concern about opening from Bella Dolls, it was not evidenced by its website or in the interview with Ryan of Bella Dolls in the audio interview above, which strongly implies that the “mansion” may have been open before November.

We did not receive an email response from Bella Dolls clarifying whether the brothel has been operating prior to November 2 or in fact made that scheduled launch date.

Also in the interview above, Bella Dolls added the company is not new at this type of business as it has similar sex dolls brothels in Europe and Asia—though in what countries and cities is as of yet unclear.

A growing number of sex doll brothels

If this new brothel is already operating or will be soon, it will join many others around the world, some operating publicity and many more only open to a select clientele.

For a list of sex doll brothel open around the globe, plus an interactive map of their locations, be sure and check out our map of sex doll brothels. (And let us know in the comments if we have missed including any.)

Even if the residents of Vancouver won’t be able to partake in pay-for-gynoid-pleasure anytime soon, it is clear through our map that these kinds of businesses are definitely here to stay.

As Amy Chan, Bella Dolls’ marketing director, told the Vancouver Sun, the brothel is there to meet a clear need:

People don’t know how many other men, females, whatever they are, are actually very deprived when it comes to sex. We actually are here to bring happiness.

Image sources: el-toro