Satisfy a Robot in Free Online Sex Game Erotica Robotica

Do you have what it takes to turn on SAMM-69?

New computer game Erotica Robotica challenges two players to work together to sexually pleasure a robot.

The game, which you can download from, is basically a cooperative puzzle game, except the end goal involves pleasuring a genderless, sexually curious robot called SAMM-69.The robot lies on a bed under a pink leopard-print blanket as players try to solve complex puzzles based on its mechanical anatomy.

Play the game here:

A puzzle game with a sexy twist

To play the game, one player downloads the robot’s user manual and, without looking at the game in progress, reads out instructions to the second player.

The second player must understand these instructions and use them to solve a series of puzzles. Because the first player cannot see the screen, the second player must explain what the puzzles look like and how they are progressing.

A false move can cause SAMM-69 to cry out in pain. The relationship between the two players can also become sore if miscommunications leads to mistakes.

Erotica Robotica took just three weeks to develop. The developers are Bria Smith, Olivia Mignone, Noah Salaway, and Erik Miller.

Image source: TeamBONE