Remote Pleasure Offers The Full Teledildonics Experience

A company with all the remote sex options…

We’ve already looked at a few specific teledildonics devices, and there are always more on the way, but we haven’t yet really seen a company offering a full teledildonics solution. That is: a device for men, a device for women and a way for those to interact, as well as an iPhone app and services for cam performers who want to add teledildonics to their live shows.

Remote Pleasure, a Hong Kong-based service, has all the above either available currently or in the works. At the time of writing, everything but the gentlemen’s device is on sale, with the male cup listed as ‘coming soon’.

That cup looks to be the most interesting product of the bunch, simply because it is the first time we’ve seen a male device that acts as a control–previously we’ve only seen receivers. The Remote Pleasure device will allow the male’s movements to replace the clicking function that’s most widely adopted to control remote vibrators, creating a more organic link between two parties engaged in remote sex.

This is the first device we’ve seen that really allows couples to capitalize on teledildonic technology, demonstrating that this remote sex is a viable solution for everyone. It will be interesting to see how Remote Pleasure go with their male device, that’s for sure.

Image source: Remote Pleasure