RealTouch Can Bring the Teledildonics Conjugal Visit to Reality

Virtual toy maker RealTouch unveils their latest creation and proposes an ingenious idea for its trial run.

The original RealTouch was marketed and sold as a networked male pleasure device, able to simulate and stimulate. The RealTouch Network [NSFW] website describes their product as “a web-based virtual sex experience” that plays out through interaction with uniquely coded adult videos. The immersive sex experience just went one step further with the introduction of their latest product, and manager Scott Rinaldo is debuting the product by distributing “a thousand dildos for the military wives” – connected sex for soldiers and their partners overseas to get intimate through teledildonics!

The company is still being fairly hushed about the particulars of the new functionality. The RealTouch original is designed with four functions. It heats to body temperature, lubricates automatically, tightens to simulate penetration and strokes at varying speeds, requiring absolutely no work from the user. The motor movements which provide the stroking sensation are synced to commands which control the stroke speed and pressure of the device. Until now, these commands have all been relayed from pre-programmed adult videos which stream from the RealTouch Network.

The new RealTouch dildo is a sensitive rod which can pick up data like pressure and movement. Stroking this sensor-rich shaft transmits movement through the RealTouch Network to users on the other end, who feel the movement in their masturbator! While not on sale yet, the new “female” toy will soon available as the latest input device for the $249 male masturbator. Showing it off at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Rinaldo describes the breadth of applications this toy for couples, long distance lovers, lonely singles and enterprising online sex workers. RealTouch has more than 10,000 users who will test drive the functionality of the new network capabilities with their own long-distance partners, or RealTouch models who can set their own prices and split their fee with the Network.

The sensor covered rod to be used has yet to go on sale as a stand-alone or partnered device, but Rinaldo’s plan is to get them out to as many households as possible. His offer of sex toys to the military is a great start! With control over the connection, the RealTouch Network stands to monopolize a massive majority of the teledildonics market. Where does development go from here?

Have you tried a RealTouch device? Did you have a chance to see the new sensor at the CES? Are you excited to try it out with a live model? We want to know about your experience, so leave a comment and give us the scoop.

 Featured Image Source: RealTouch Network