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RealDollX App Gets X-Rated Upgrade with Foreplay and Sex Modes

Hot new erotic poses and custom options for virtual girlfriends. 

Pretty much any of us interested in what the future might bring to human sexuality is familiar with Matt McMullen and his amazing boffins over at RealDoll/Realbotix.

Whether it’s creating a state-of-the-art, fully functional robot head, or a wide range of sexbot bodies to be used with the aforementioned head, they are at the forefront of sex tech manufacturing and development. Now they’ve upped their game with RealDoll X, a new Android app that allows users to create their own digital girlfriend.

Similar to the beta version of the app released in 2017, the upgraded app enables users to design her personality, and then upload it into one of those sophisticated sexbot heads for an added boost of realism.

The latest release, however, boasts more customization options as well as some exciting new features.

New features

A avatar girlfriend is shown twice in two poses.

Perhaps the most notable new experience offered via the RealDollX app is the Private Room Expansion. With this feature, you can have X-rated fun with your virtual lover, choosing among various erotic poses for her to take while she is dressed or nude.

There you can take her from foreplay and into sex mode. The website teases this mouth-watering gameplay:

“You want more after some flirting? Move on to the Foreplay Mode and find out what the most pleases you and your partner. Go slowly and reach intimacy as you touch and caress. Clothes off, one by one, and advance to the Sex Mode.”

Other updates include a virtual store, high-definition modules, improvements to the onscreen tutorial, and screen rotation that allows users to play with their phones horizontally.

While not yet available, developers are also working on a game mode called Spice it up. It will provide erotic toys, including dildos and whips as you and your virtual companions “explore your fantasies together”

Customization, customization, and customization

The customization offered in RealDollX is mind-blowing: skin tone, eye color, hairstyles, a range of new dresses for your digital girlfriend to wear, a choice of voices, and loads more.

A lifelike personality

But appearance isn’t the only selling point for RealDollX. Via an advanced artificial intelligence system, you can also select a range of character traits—like affectionate, cheerful, joyous, and even unpredictable—to give your creation a sense of being, for lack of a better word, real.

RealDoll doesn’t tap dance around it: they offer not just a sexual partner but someone to actually fall in love with, even suggesting that the more you put into your new girlfriend the more you’ll get out of the experience.

selling point for RealDollX

As they say on their ReadlDollX site: “The more intimate you are in your relationship, the hotter things are going to get! Seduce your avatar and see where things go.”

Matching sexy software with sexy hardware

So far so good, right? Well, things get even better because if you happen to own one of their sexbot head systems you can take what you’ve created in RealDollX and load it into your doll.

“Experience the most enjoyable conversations and interactions possible with a machine. With RealDoll X Robotic Head you have face to face conversation, and more!” they also say on their site.

This also means that you can take your girlfriend anywhere with you: in software form when not at home and as a physical version when you’re home and intimate with your doll.

A limitless lover and companion?

lover and companion

This really gets the imagination rolling. Sometime very soon we’ll have relationships with our artificial lovers that exist in varying degrees of reality. One version, like what was just said, could be with us through portable technology—carrying on elaborate, and intimate, conversations with us throughout the day.

Another form could then be a more advanced version of the same. Using augmented or virtual reality to visually interact with our new lover or travel with them to artificial worlds. (AR and VR features are still in development, however, for RealDollX)

Lastly, but not least, there’d be their physical form in a fully functional robot body. That, in a decade or less, might be practically indistinguishable from a flesh and blood human being.

In this way, our companions would be just that: partners for sex, yes, but also as friends, counselors, and friends.

Until then, do check out RealDollX when you can and see for yourself why Realdoll/Realbotix are so respected—and why their new software is the shape of things to come.

Alas, the app is currently only available for Android users for $30/year—though Realbotix does say on its information page that it will be coming to iOS sometime soon.

Image source: RealDollX