RealDoll Video Reveals How to Install Robotic Head and Oral Sex Insert

Everything you need to know to get your love doll up and running.


What is it about unboxing videos? A cynic would say they are nothing but consumerist pornography: voyeuristic consumption of a product we can’t ever afford.

But let’s be honest, while they are arguably all of that they can still be a lot of fun—especially when what is being unboxed is something high end, incredibly sophisticated, and, best of all, sexy.

Which brings us to one of the leading manufacturers of erotic dolls, Abyss Creations. The company’s CEO, Matt McMullen, recently released a demonstration video showing how to affix a new RealDoll X robot head to a silicone love doll body.

Head bolt connected to the neck bolt

The video is entertaining for more reasons than just being informative. For one thing, it gives us an opportunity to see and hear Matt himself without having to travel to his company headquarters in California or an event hosting his creation.

The second, though, is to see the amazing amount of work that does into a RealDoll—and especially their new multi-function head.

Impressively, the head comes with everything anyone would need to enjoy its features. An inductive charger, for instance, is included—as is the mounting hardware. Alas, you need to bring your own Allen Wrench and Phillips-head screwdriver.

A look at the software


But the doll itself isn’t the only exciting product revealed in the video. Matt also gives us a fascinating preview of the RealDoll X software, including lessons on how to download and sync the oral sex insert with the head itself via Bluetooth.

The video also demonstrates four optional voices for the animatronic love doll, as well as the head’s range of movements and those of the eyes, eyebrows, neck, and mouth. Interestingly, the doll is engineered to react to sensors in the insert—meaning that when it is not being used the doll goes into a  standby mode.

Amazingly lifelike


Something that really stands out about the video, aside from seeing the amount of work and sophisticated engineering that does into the doll, is seeing it in action—albeit in a non-directly sexual way.

The movements, while still a touch on the robotic side, are remarkably fluid and smooth. Watching it blink, raise and lower its eyebrows, and tilt back and forth on its neck is almost chilling in its near humanity.

While unboxing videos may not be your particular cup of tea, this one is highly recommended if just to see this demonstration of the RealDoll’s movements and software—and to be astounded with the company’s skill and craftsmanship.

And then to wonder what Matt, and RealDoll, might come up with in the near future.

Image sources: RealDoll