Harmony Sex Robot

RealDoll Hires Hollywood Special Effects Crew to Make Ultra-realistic Sexbots

CEO Matt McMullen says sex dolls will look almost identical to humans in the next decade

Harmony Sex Robot

A RealDoll employee told Daily Star that the sex tech giant is employing Hollywood talents, especially those with a background in special effects. This move is aimed to improve the realism of the innovative sex robots offered by the company.

Matt McMullen, RealDoll’s founder and CEO, previously told Daily Star that sex robots would probably look identical to real humans “within five to 10 years.” However, he also stated that gynoids won’t likely get human intelligence in the near future. 

McMullen stated that, while current AI equals the intelligence of an earthworm, in the coming years it “may start to approach something in the mammal category but I don’t see, necessarily, human-like intelligence.”

Currently, RealDoll offers a robotic doll head that is capable of moving its eyes and mouth, to form facial expressions and talk with its owner. This head is controlled over Bluetooth by an app, RealDoll X, that allows the doll to interact with the user. If paired with a special vaginal insert, the doll can also react to sexual stimulation.

Additionally, the company is developing built-in cameras for the eyes of the robotic head, so the gynoid will be able to “see” her surroundings. In the near future, RealDoll’s sex robots will be equipped with a self-lubrication system controlled by the AI software. 

Image sources: RealDoll