Reach Out and Hug Someone with Hugvie the Robot Pillow Phone

The latest haptic creation out of Intelligence Robotics and Communications Laboratory in Japan…

…the Hugvie is a new long-distance hugging device in a body-shaped pillow. The robotic stuffed toy can transmit hugs via cellular signal connected to haptic outputs. Without the expressionless face of the Telenoid – deemed by Singularity Hub as “The Creepiest Telepresence Robot You’ll Ever Love” – this plush connective device by the same designer aims for cute rather than creepy, and succeeds.

Image from Video Source: DigInfo News YouTube Channel

The body pillow, which currently retails in Japan for around $60 US at the Vstone Robot Center in Tokyo, is equipped with two vibrators meant to mimic a heartbeat. Connected to a mobile device, they can transmit signals based on the callers voice, allowing the pillow to throb in a variety of ways based on the pitch, volume and tempo of the voice on the other end of the line.

What would you like to feel a long-distance lover say?