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QIUI Releases App-Controlled Chastity Device for Men

Keep your sub obedient and chaste, even when he’s miles away.

chastity belt

The Chinese sex toy brand QIUI released Cellmate, an app-controlled chastity device ever. 

With the rise of BDSM dating apps and websites, like KinkD, Whiplr, and KNKI, long-distance Dom/sub relationships are more common than ever. So it’s not surprising that sex tech companies are trying to address the needs of the community with new, advanced technologies.

Gone are the days when the submissive had to put the key of his chastity device inside a sealed envelope and send his Dom photos as proof of his obedience. With the Cellmate, the Dom can lock and unlock the submissive’s genitals from any distance, with no need for physical keys. There is no way to cheat or escape from the chastity device!

To start playing, both the Dom/me and the sub need to install the Cellmate app, available for Android and iOS phones. Then, the device can be connected to the wearer’s phone over Bluetooth, just like any other app-controlled sex toy. 

Every account has a unique ID, that allows the submissive to connect with his Dominant and hand them the virtual keys of his chastity device. At this point, the keyholder can see in real-time the geolocation and status of the submissive’s Cellmate. 

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It’s also possible to add more than a “friend” on the app, should the keyholder want to share their submissive with other Doms. Additionally, the app allows users  to change roles, with the permission of the Dominant. 

But this is not the only way to play with the Cellmate. The device can also be locked for a set amount of time, during which neither the Dominant nor the submissive can open it. Lastly, people who love to play BDSM solo, or who don’t have a partner at the moment, can still enjoy the sex toy, thanks to its self-locking mode. 

The app-controlled chastity cage is waterproof, with an IPX7 rating, and it’s made from high-quality polycarbonate and zinc alloy. To ensure the maximum comfort for long-term wearing, QIUI created the product in two different sizes, Long and Regular. 

Plus, there are two rings in different diameters included in the packaging, to help the wearer achieve the best fit. The replaceable CR 14200 battery can last around 8-10 months with normal use. 

Currently, the Cellmate is distributed by the wholesaler Dusedo in Europe, and by 665 Leather in the United States. Only time will tell how it will be received by the BDSM community, but one thing is sure: it will change the world of chastity play forever. 

Image sources: QIUI