Interactive model poses with her Kiiroo Pearl.

Q & A: Interactive Webcam Model Stassi Stroker Reviews Her Favorite Sex Toys

An inside perspective on today’s teledildonic devices.

Interactive model poses with her Kiiroo Pearl.

We spoke to adult cam performer Stassi Stroker [NSFW] about her treasure chest of teledildonic toys, and what makes for a great one.* Her current stock includes the Shockspot [NSFW], Kiiroo’s Pearl, BlueMotion from OhMiBod, Lovense’s Nora, and the We-Vibe 4.

Presently a model at Flirt4Free [NSFW], she also dished on the market for interactive toys and what she expects for the future.

FoS: How did you become an interactive cam model?

Initially, I was asked by the owner of, back in December of 2012, if I would be interested in doing some “interactive webcam modeling.” I was intrigued by the notion of being able to connect with anyone all over the world and touch and be touched through the use of interactive adult toys.

I started out with an interactive Diltron machine [NSFW] on, and the customers controlled my Diltron machine with their We-Vibe 4 Plus along with the Kiiroo Pearl. What I love about the We-Vibe 4 Plus is the quality of the toy and the ease of making a connection with a customer. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is small, but don’t judge this toy by its size. It is an extremely powerful toy.

It comes with a charging docking station that you can nestle the We-Vibe 4 Plus into, and it charges without a cord being directly plugged into the interactive toy.

All of my other interactive adult toys are not as convenient at charging as the We-Vibe 4 Plus. All the other interactive adult toys have a cord that plugs directly into the toy. The makers of the We-Vibe 4 Plus were really thinking when they created this toy.

With that said there are NO openings to the toy. I have completely immersed my We-Vibe in water and have it not affect the We-Vibe at all. The We-Vibe is the only interactive toy that I can take into the shower and have it survive a webcam shower show. I would recommend the we-vibe 4 Plus to cam models or to long-distance couples. The cost of the We-Vibe is also very reasonable and can be purchased by the masses, unlike the $2,000 interactive Shockspot machine [NSFW].

Interactive webcam model Stassi Stroker shows off her sex toys.

FoS: What about the Kiiroo Pearl?

The Kiiroo Pearl is also very user-friendly and is easy to connect to your lover. It does not have a docking station like the We-Vibe 4 Plus, and you need to plug the USB charging cord directly into the Kiiroo Pearl Device. So no submersing this one in water.

The Kiiroo Pearl, like the We-Vibe, is a good quality toy. It’ s made of a soft rubber material, very much like the material that the We-Vibe 4 Plus is made out of. There are vibrating settings for the Kiiroo Pearl, so even though there is no pleasure being sent to the woman’s Pearl, there are 5 or so vibrating settings. So non-interactive pleasure needs can be meet for the woman.

The price of the Kiiroo Pearl is also very reasonable and can also be purchased by the masses, and the price of the Kiiroo Onyx (male device) is also very reasonable. Like the We-Vibe, I would also recommend the Kiiroo Pearl for long-distance couples or a cam model getting their feet wet in the world of interactive teledildonic adult toys.

FoS: How would you compare Lovense’s Nora and Kiiroo’s Pearl?

SS: The Lovense Nora is different from the Kiiroo Pearl. The Kiiroo Pearl is a ONE-WAY interactive teledildonic adult toy device sending the signal from the woman to the man.

The Lovense Nora (female toy) and the Lovense Max (male toy) are both TWO-WAY haptic interactive teledildonic adult toy devices, with the teledildonics signal going from the man to the woman and vice versa, woman to man. Basically pleasure can be sent and felt both ways.

FoS: What other devices on the market send two-way signals?

SS: Other than the Lovense Nora and Lovense Max, the only other two-way interactive teledildonic adult toy devices I have ever heard of are the Novint Falcon and LovePalz Hera (female device) and Zeus (male device). Neither the Novint Falcon or LovePalz are currently available on the market, and I’m not sure if the Novint Falcon and LovePalz Hera and Zeus will ever be available to consumers.

Currently, to my knowledge the Lovense Nora and Max are the only two-way haptic interactive teledildonic adult toy devices that are as of right now on the market and their product is in stock and available to purchase. The Shockspot, Vstroker [NSFW], OhMiBod Blue Motion, and We-Vibe 4 Plus send the teledildonic signal from the man to the woman. The Kiiroo Pearl and Kiiroo Onyx send the teledildonic signal from the woman to the man.

Stassi Stroker

FoS: What happened to LovePalz’s Hera and Zeus? They used to be for sale.

SS: To my knowledge LovePalz is no longer shipping product or producing product. Their first products, the Zeus and Hera, were not manufactured well and their quality was poor and the product was not very popular. The videos consumers of the Zeus and Hera uploaded to YouTube turned me off from the LovePalz products.

In my personal opinion, I do not believe the product was of good quality and I did not want to invest in them. If you take a look at the LovePalz website, it looks as though they are either out of stock or decided to no longer sell their Zeus and Hera devices.

I believe LovePalz was aware of their poor craftsmanship with the Zeus and Hera and decided to make better products called the Twist. The two Twist products are called the Twist for Men and the Twist for Woman. LovePalz had an Indiegogo campaign up, but never met their campaign funding amount. And the people who put funds toward the campaign have to date never received their Twist products

FoS: What do you know that men appreciate most in an interactive sex device?

SS: For this question I referred to one of my customers on Flirt4Free [NSFW] who I have connected my Kiiroo Pearl to their Kiiroo Onyx on numerous occasions. We’ve also made connections with Shockspot/Vstroker and We-Vibe.

To be able to feel the actions—the sense of touching it brings the experience to life. It puts you more in the action. You can really imagine that you are feeling what your partner is doing. Feeling every interaction, the touch sensation is amazing. To feel your partner’s hand, mouth, skin, it makes it so much more realistic. I also think you (Stassi Stroker) mentioned something about when someone else is controlling the action (machine), it is much easier or seems easier to achieve orgasm. It brings the experience from not just visual, but you can feel it as well.


FoS: What do you see as the future of interactive sex toys?

SS: Since December 2012, the interactive adult toys as well as the companies promoting and supporting interactive adult toys have gotten bigger and better.

In my opinion, this is just the beginning of what the future will look like when it comes to webcam modeling and long-distance relationships. We already use technology to connect through text messages, emails, and video chat, why not bring the sense touch to sense of sight and sound?

*This interview has been condensed and edited 

Images source: Stassi Stroker