Sext with a plus

PussyTalk Takes Sexting to Next Level with SMS-controlled Sex Toys

Now you can send intimate touch via text message.

Sext with a plus

Enjoy sending steamy texts, but want to take your flirting up a notch?

A project called PussyTalk wants to take sexting to the next level by adding an element of erotic touch. That’s why it’s developed software that remotely triggers vibrations in sex toys in response to text messages.

Sext with a plus

Together French sexologist Cathline Smoos and designer Aurélien Fache created PussyTalk: a system that assigns specific letters in a text message to different actions in a Lush 2 vibrator from Lovense.

Using Morse code as the basis, Smoos and Fache figured out how to code the software, which allows one person to control the Lush through a regular SMS message—no proprietary app required!

For love, not profit

According to a press release, the project is more a labor of love (or desire), rather than one largely focused on commercial interests. But considering how sexy this technology could be for long- or even short-distance couples, especially if it’s easily integrated into a basic SMS system, it could become a highly sought after feature to add into more remote sex devices.

In fact, the concept is so pure and direct it’s a wonder something similar hadn’t popped up sooner. Sure, we have all kinds of proprietary apps that can be linked to a wide range of sex tech devices. But with PussyTalk, typed words result in direct sexual action and reaction!

Why not, for instance, create works of erotic fiction and poetry designed not just to be read but also to be played, like a kinky musical instrument, through something like a Lush 2?

We came close to something like this with B.Sensory, that wirelessly coupled erotic fiction with sex tech. However, it never really allowed users to create their own, customized messages or stories.

With the next iteration of PussyTalk, we might have our sexy cake and eat it, too: sending personalized messages to be played through sex tech hardware or, if you prefer, selecting a pre-written poem or story designed to hit all the right buttons.

Who knows, maybe this will even be the start of a new occupation, with writers working not just to arouse folks intellectually and emotionally but also physically. Sign me up!

Can’t wait for release

While it might not be ready for use beyond the developers’ lab, PussyTalk shows potential. It’s not hard to imagine this new level of sexting could become commonplace among couples in the future.

Until then, we’ll have to sext the old fashioned way—all the time hoping that sooner than later we’ll be able to do it with an extra, sexual bang!

Image sources: Sexyfull Life, Lovense