People Who Use Emojis Go on More Dates and Have More Sex

A study suggests emojis may be the key to a better sex life. 😏

One easy texting habit could dramatically improve your dating life: using emojis! 

A study conducted by The Kinsey Institute, and published on the scientific journal PLoS ONE, has shown that heavy emoji users tend to go on more first dates and have more sex as a result.

The researchers interviewed 5,327 American singles, from age 18 to 94. In total, 87% of identified as heterosexual, while 62% identified as white. Only 38%  admitted they never use emojis with a potential partner, while 28% said they use them regularly.

Overall, 3% of the participants used at least one emoji in every text, while 2.5% used more than one in every single text.

Among the participants who regularly use emojis on their favorite messaging app, 53% revealed the purpose was to inject more personality in their texts. Almost 25% said the popular yellow faces help them to express their feelings better. 

Only 20% said that choosing an emoji is easier than typing a whole text. The use of emoji was linked to more first dates and more sex. 

In the scientific paper published last month, the researchers concluded: 

Because text-based communication can lack much of the sensory information found in face-to-face interactions that promote affective expression and meaningful communication, the character features (e.g., colors, shapes, actions, faces) of emojis may allow communication partners to more readily express affect and introduce it into CMC [computer-mediated communication, editor’s note].

The Kinsey Institute also conducted a follow-up study, that analyzed data from a smaller sample of 275 participants between 18 and 71, mostly white and heterosexual. Only 3% of the participants stated that they never use emojis when texting with a potential partner. 

In this second study, the use of emoji was linked to more second dates and more sex partners. 

The researchers noticed that people who use emoji regularly were more likely to have kissed their most recent date, to have had sex with them, and to have formed a relationship with them. 

The study authors, however, noted that their research has some limitations: it omitted to analyze which emojis were used, and how they were perceived by the potential partner. Also, their survey was only focused on people who send emojis, but not on those who receive them frequently. 

They concluded that the use of emojis could be linked to better emotional intelligence, so people who fill their texts with them could be better at building intimate relationships.

Image Source: Pixabay, Pixabay