Nutaku Unveils LGBTQ+ Sex Game Section for the Gaymers

The popular adult game portal goes inclusive in a big way.

LGBTQ+ adult gamers—or just those who simply enjoy same-sex and transgender content—are in for a big treat!

The popular hentai sex game portal Nutaku [NSFW] has just unveiled a new dedication for folks whose tastes fall under the queer umbrella.

Although some LGBTQ+ sex games were already hosted on the site, the queer gaming community is now gaining some much-appreciated recognition.

To help launch the LGBTQ+ sex game category [NSFW], Nutaku has also released a pair of brand new games with definitive sex appeal.

Men Bang

Made with a special and first time partnership with the queer site, Men Bang [NSFW] is a free browser-based game featuring animated depictions of gay adult industry stars such as Ryan Bones, Paddy O’Brian, William Seed, and Beaux Banks.

A dating sim that’s all about seduction, as well as disguises, players of Men Bang can assume the roles of masseur and casting agent to help them in their pursuit of steamy queer sex.

About Men Bang, Nutaku’s product manager, Ben Faccio said:

We are excited to collaborate with to bring ‘Men Bang’ to life. The game boasts vibrant artwork and high-quality gameplay—something that can be enjoyed by the community and ‘gaymers’ alike.

The second game, Gay Harem, is a manga-style romp with the goal of putting together a studly stable of hunks and, as Nutaku puts it, “defeat opponents in thrilling sexual contests.”

Tons of titles

Back to the new LGBTQ+ section portal, clicking on the Transgender link brings up such games as “Sexbot: Quality Assurance Simulator” plus other titles like  Detective Masochist and Futanari Quest.

Meanwhile, the lesbian section has games like Galaxy Girls, Mandy’s Room and Negligee.

Respect and inclusiveness

Faccio also slammed the competition, adding that while other sites offer LGBTQ+ sex games, they don’t provide a high level of quality.

Nutaku has put a special focus on quality, he said, and also aims to serve the sexual interests of other genders and orientations.

We’ve been working to make our platform more inclusive, and this release is the first major step towards that goal.

Image sources: Nutaku [NSFW]