Nutaku Releases VR Sexbot Game and Jumps on Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

Adult gaming portal entering two big sex tech markets. 

Anyone following our “Best of” sex game lists will be familiar with Nutaku [NSFW]. The portal’s hentai games have been included in popular posts such as The Best Hentai Sex Games of 2017 and The Best Adult Flash Games for 2018.

But now the world’s largest adult gaming portal is making news for its recent foray into both the cryptocurrency and virtual reality markets.

Sexbot: Quality Assurance Simulator

Sexbot: Quality Assurance Simulator [NSFW], according to Nutaku the robot sex game lets users play the role of quality assurance tester “for the science community’s naughtiest pleasure robots.”

As per the game narrative, the testing itself, if done successfully, allows players to enjoy some sexual play with the bots. Nutaku adds that such saucy interactions include strap-on capabilities and that players can interact with all of the sexbots with the help of a VR headset.

Developed by Candy Valley Network, Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator: is currently available to download for $20. The title is available only on PC.

It’s one of two new immersive sex games on offer from the site. The other Elven Love: Naughty Rituals, is a fantasy RPG title.

Verge cryptocurrency

The release of these two new VR sex games comes on the heels of an announcement that Nutaku will let players pay for gaming with the Verge cryptocurrency token.

Rapidly gaining ground in adult entertainment, Verge is also accepted by Pornhub [NSFW] and Brazzers.

The future unfolding

With the release of Sexbot: Quality Assurance Simulator [NSFW] and the move to accepting cryptocurrency, Nutaku is showing a definite interest in new adult technologies, for both its company as well as its users.

As Daccio puts it: “We’re watching our future unfold with VR and can’t wait to share these great experiences with our community.”

Image sources: Nutaku/Sexbot: Quality Assurance Tester [NSFW]

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