Nora Review: Lovense’s Rabbit Vibe Is Stellar for Long-distance Sex

A thrilling addition to anyone’s sex tech playbag.

Previously on “M.Christian has the best job … ever,” I took at a look at Lovense’s Max 2 and detailed why it’s a must-have sex toy for anyone with a penis.

For this latest review, I’ll be testing Lovense’s Bluetooth rabbit vibe called Nora. I’ll also have the pleasure of connecting the vibrator to its kissing kin: Lovense’s Max 2 interactive stroker. 

Below I’ll share why I think Lovense’s Nora is just as good, if not better than its already-superb counterpart. (Note: This article contains affiliate links, meaning Future of Sex may receive a small commission if you buy a Lovense product.

Excellent design and construction

You might have seen toys that look like Nora, but dollars-to-donuts, Lovense’s take on the classic rabbit vibrator is a huge step up from the competition.

For one thing, just as in the case of the Max 2, the Nora demurely whispers, quality. Just holding it in your hand, let alone using it on your body, it feels like a lot of work went into its design and manufacture.

To begin with, the high-quality silicone skin feels just lifelike enough without being actually creepy. It’s like Lovense knew just where to pull back from falling into the uncanny valley of sex tech.

Also, like Max 2, Nora only has two controls on the toy itself, plus one power-indicator light and the charging connection. On the bottom of the device is one button for on/off and cycling through the range of vibrations, and a second that works the toy’s rotations. 

For charging, it similarly sports a magnetic, two-contact charging port on the bottom.

This might sound like a limited number of controls but, trust me, it’s not. Nora delivers a great range of variations with just those two small buttons, including vibrations on the shaft, perfect for G-spot stimulation, and the other fork that works it’s magic on the clit and the sensitive areas around it.  

And it’s even better when you use Lovense’s app—which is saying a lot.

Taking it for a ride

Unlike other sex tech devices, Nora feels both solid—so there’s no worry about it breaking—and, for lack of a better word, inviting. As that silicone skin warms up really nicely and, with either some outside lube or the natural variety, it gets slick without getting too slippery.  

Again, it really feels like the sex tech gurus at Lovense didn’t slap anything about it together. It’s more like they scratched and scratched their noggins until they came up with not just a satisfactory toy but an excellent one.

This is doubled when you use the smartphone app (available for Android as well as iOS) or through their slick, and very fun to play with, desktop app.  Again, like with Max 2, the options for customizing what Nora can do is just a tad short of staggering.  

Long-distance sex sessions

And here’s where the fun begins!  

Sure, you can use the Nora as a standalone, non-connected sex toy and have a blast. But it’s when you pair it to your smartphone, or to the desktop app, that things really begin to get good.

Talking about Max 2, I touched a bit on how much fun it is to create and playback a whole “routine” of actions—and even, if you so feel inclined, to share them with others.  

Similarly, with Nora, you can set up an alarm for it to switch on, have it respond to ambient noises, or—which is a big kick—have the toy dance to whatever tunes you have on your smartphone playlist.

Then there’s something I only touched on previously: the Max 2 and Nora are two great toys that are even better together.

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Now, one thing I should mention is that Lovense does lean a bit toward the heteronormative with the advertising about the teledildonics potential of these two toys.

However, that in no way means that their tech is hardware grounded in this.  There’s nothing stopping anyone, for instance, from linking two Noras, two Max 2’s, or any other combination that suits your erotic desires.

Doing so is remarkably easy: all you need to do is link your chosen Lovense device, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone. This way you can control any number of devices from one source.  

If you want to do some teledildonics long-distance play, you do the same. 

But instead of linking both toys to a single phone, you need to link one device to one phone, and the other to another phone. In other words, a smartphone linked to a toy per person—if that makes it all a bit clearer.

Once done, you can control the other person’s toy. Ah, but there’s more, much more, than just that.  

Using the same kind of tech, you can also not just control another toy but have it respond to what your toy is doing—and vice versa.

Staying with straight sex, if someone using the Max 2, for instance, inserts themselves into the unit, the connected Nora will vibrate, with the more thrusting equalling more buzzing.  

Conversely, when Nora is moved it causes Max 2 to start contracting and vibrating.

This is all even better over a video link like Skype, so you can each see other and even better link up what you are doing with, and to, each other.

A huge and arousing step forward

Being someone who really gets into technology, this kind of teledildonics play was a massive amount of fun. It was like living in the here and now of every erotic science-fiction fantasy, I could imagine.

But even taking away the nerd-orgy, the two toys link together is no end of sexy fun—made even easier by how well-engineered and programmed the toys were.  

Getting them to talk to each other, and thus move together, was smooth as silk. Yet I do not recommend turning the toys off between use as it can save some time setting everything up again.  But no worries, as they both hold a charge for a ridiculously long time.

Do I recommend Nora? Well, just like with its companion toy, yes, yes, and a million times yes.  Its price might be higher than some brands at $119,

However, with both devices, you really are getting what you pay for: an amazing ride with some amazing and perfectly designed and well-built tech.  

Image sources:  Lovense