Non-Realistic Vs. Realistic Looking Sex Toys for Men

Top-of-the-line pleasure products for people with penises.

For way too long, there’s been a ridiculous stigma surrounding male sex toys. It almost seemed like society perceived them as creepy whereas female sex toys were just women “embracing their sexuality.”

Thankfully, we’ve made huge progress in breaking down these stereotypes thanks to the huge surge in technological advancements and innovation that we’ve seen in the world of male pleasure devices.

Ever since we’ve managed to succeed in normalizing and destigmatizing male masturbators, there’s been a noticeable split in the sort of designs we’ve seen come out of premier sex toy companies.

Nowadays, these toys are usually split into two categories: Realistic Vs. Non-Realistic

Now that sex toys have become more widely available to men, trying to pick out what works best for you–the individual can be an extremely daunting task. Let’s take a quick look at both to help discern their benefits and weaknesses so we can hopefully help you decide which one best suits your personal needs!

Non-realistic sex toys – Kiiroo Onyx 2

KIIRO Fleshlight

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is among the most powerful and innovative sex toys on the market. It may seem unfair to call in non-realistic considering it’s fitted with its very own Fleshlight sleeve – the very precipice of realism.

Check out this complete Kiiroo Onyx 2 review for a more in-depth look at this impressive piece of hardware.

I’m referring more to its overall design and appearance rather than its interior… since it really feels amazing and just like the real thing on the inside!

What it lacks in overall realism, it makes up for with his massive amount of features. Kiiroo has managed to distinguish itself from the growing monopoly of sex toy companies that we’ve been blessed with, in recent years. This is partially due to branding themselves as #1 in interactive male sex toys. 

The best way I can summarize what an interactive male sex toy really is to say that it allows for an unprecedented level of interconnectivity. 

For example, you can pair the Onyx 2 with any other of Kiiroo’s interactive toys. Pairing this toy with a Kiiroo Pearl dildo controlled by your female friend allows you to stay connected and release those sexual inhibitions regardless of the distance!

That’s the real beauty of the Onyx 2 – bringing people together.

Long-distance relationships or time spent away from your partner can be extremely difficult without some sort of way to connect. Kiiroo offers the best solution to this problem that money can buy.

Not to mention that these toys are fully compatible with apps that allow you or your partner to control the Onyx 2 hands-free. On top of all that, it’s fully VR compatible!

Now that VR is becoming more widely available, you can set up the ultimate masturbation setup by combining the hands-free properties with the immersion you get from having your favorite porn videos playing with VR goggles!

The future is here… and Kiiroo continues to open up new doors in making your jerk-off experience as high-tech and intense as money can buy!

Realistic sex toys – Fleshlight

Now if the price tag on the Onyx 2 or other high-tech sex toys is intimidating for you, consider picking up what’s been called the #1 Male Sex Toy: Fleshlight [NSFW].

If you’ve been living under a rock, Fleshlight is dedicated to creating the very best in replicas of the female vagina, butt, mouth, and even some designs for those with a male persuasion

They’ve accomplished this with their signature Real Feel Superskin sleeves contained within the hard casing that Fleshlight has spent years developing and perfecting.

There’s a good reason why the world of male sex toys has been dominated by Fleshlights since it’s inception. No other toy can provide as much pleasure and realism in such a small package. 

A Fleshlight couldn’t be easier to use, simply insert yourself into the chamber, adjust the tightness and jerk to your heart’s content!

If realism is what tickles your fancy, there are oodles of Fleshlight options to choose from.

Whether it be replicas of your favorite models and adult stars known as “Fleshlight Girls [NSFW],”Stamina Training Fleshlights, the affordable and realistic “Quickshot” toys or even Fleshlights modeled after mythical creatures and aliens.

Pretty much every base is covered here, any sort of fantasy or preference you can think of probably has its own Fleshlight dedicated to it!

Image sources: Kiiroo, Fleshlight, mr.racy