New Web Series Explores the Funny Side of Robot Sex

Quirky comedians are putting sexbots in the punchlines.

New-York based comedy duo Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan released the first two installments of their web series “Gigahoes” this month. The episodes, titled “Artificial Intercourse” and “Branden, Baker’s Man,” are two of 12 short clips written and produced by the pair.

In April, Lash and Gilligan used Kickstarter to raise funds for their mockumentary project, which seeks to poke fun (pun intended) at the future of sex technology.

Upon reaching their $5,000 goal, the duo then set out to explore their unique and thought-provoking concept.

This series premiere begins with a hilarious introduction into the world of sex in 2024. We are told that scientists have created the first fully functional robot with artificial intelligence, and, of course, “three days later they had sex with it.”

We then follow the day-to-day life of the director of an escort agency called Artificial Intercourse. He provides sexbots to a fast-expanding market of people turned on by humanoid machines.

It quickly becomes apparent that the life of a sexbot pimp is quite unique, and most definitely something we can laugh at.

We often take the idea of having sex with robots too seriously. Lash and Gilligan prove in “Gigahoes” just how funny things can get when we use sexbots to fulfill our wildest desires.

To find out when new episodes of “Gigahoes” will be released, follow the series here.

Featured image source: Adam Lash