New Interactive Male Sex Sleeve SayberX Connects to Other Sex Toys

Indiegogo campaign for state-of-the-art erotic stimulation.

The SayberX is a remote sex device for men.

A new addition to the current teledildonic wave of sexual appliances has launched.

Billed as having an ultra-realistic feel for male users, the SayberX comes as two components.

The first is as a male masturbator with an inner chamber of ultra-soft “SayberSkin” coupled with a motor that provides rotation as well as an up-and-down stroke.

The second part of the SayberX duo is a particularly intriguing. The Motion Control X Ring wirelessly connects to the male unit, allowing the user to control the action of the male masturbator by moving the ring up and down. As SayberX puts it, the faster the ring moves, the faster the stroking of the other device.

The Motion Control X Ring can also be connected to another, long-distance, partner via the Internet.

Unique connectivity

While other teledildonic devices can be hooked together, or even with more than one partner simultaneously, they are usually proprietary: meaning that they will only work with other devices by the same make and manufacturer.

But SayberX’s ring has been designed to be used, via a stretch band at the base, with any other sex toy. This means that a partner—miles away or in the same room—can use their own sex toy on themselves, and the motion will be sent to the male unit.

“Built more like a supercar than a sex toy”

A British company, SayberX was founded in 2014. The brainchild of a product designer/tech developer and a mechanical engineer, their goal was to create something that would make a realistic feeling a sex felt from anywhere in the world.

SayberX co-founder Andy J. Smith describes the product as “built more like a supercar than a sex toy.”


At the time of publishing, the Indiegogo campaign has reached $6,311 of its goal of $50,000 (13%).

SayberX, to help its publicity, has partnered with GunOil personal lubricant—which is giving away samples to Indiegogo backers—as well as with adult cam site CAM4

“After seeing SayberX in action, we immediately wanted to partner with them,” public relations spokesperson Derek Devlin said in a press release.

“We are particularly excited about pairing SayberX with our market leading Virtual Reality Live Cam Product, CAM4VR. Combining 360-degree sight, stereo sound and now sensual touch… brings a level of intimacy and immersion never experienced before in online sex.”

What pledging to the campaign will get you

Backers who pledge $219 to the campaign will receive a SayberX, an X-Ring controller, the sample of GunOil, and 100 tokens for CAM4VR.

Each unit can be purchased separately as well: $29 for an X-Ring and $199 for the male device.

In a festive—and flush—mood? $1,999 will get you the SayberX package plus a chance to party with CAM4 models and the SayberX team in Las Vegas.

Image sources: SayberX Indiegogo